Saturday, November 8, 2008

Secret Satellite Server Data Book Details+A Lone Wallpaper

Oh joy, the Wave Station updated once more!

-First and foremost, Capcom has posted details about the upcoming "Secret Satellite Server" data book. Using an enclosed "master card", players can unlock special Folders to be used with various Noise Changes. The master card can also be used to gain special access to a Satellite Server on the Brother Band screen. By traversing through various "levels", players will be awarded with exclusive Battle Cards. Access Codes are needed to further progress through the Satellite Server. These codes are presumed to be found within in the game or in the pages of the Secret Satellite Server book.

-The newest wallpaper features Rockman striking a pose against a very tantalizing back drop. The message, “Get ready to face the ultimate climax” seems a little daunting. What exactly is Capcom trying to say?

News Credit: Tim


  1. We seem to always see Luna with a worried expression in a lot of SSR3 updates.

  2. (Probably a bit late)
    I notice that His Buster isn't Warlock's Head :o. (In the wallpaper)

  3. Do you think originally that it was supposed to be Warlock? And they just pronounced it in their Japanese way? I like Warrock better.

    Anyway, I have a sneaking suspicion that climax isn't the word they meant to use... Probably should be something like, "Get ready to face the ultimate battle" or "Altercation" or "force"

  4. Gone are the days when, after earning $30 from a tech support job, I could say, "There's the money for the next EXE game." ;(

    Looks to me like they're redoing Luna's character a bit. Why do I get the feeling she will win out over Misora? >_>

  5. Sorry for typing Warlock, been playing Grand Chase for too long @.@ (and one of the character's job is Warlock :x)


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