Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shooting Star Rockman 3: "Capcom Went All Out On This One"

If you haven't heard the news, SSR3 was dumped and leaked onto the net yesterday, a day and a half before its official Japanese release. Obviously, I'm not informing you of this so you can run out and download it (DON'T), moreover, I'm informing you of this to prepare you for an individual's impression of the leaked Rom.

PRC reader, "JJ" managed to play a good hour out of the game, just enough play time to satisfy his SSR3 craving (JJ deleted the Rom afterwards). So, how does SSR3 fair? JJ had this to say:

"SSR3 is, without a doubt the best in the series. I can't even begin to tell you how much of an improvement it is over the prequels, Capcom went all out on this one. Not much has changed outside of battle other than a few aesthetics (the menus and environments kick ass), but the battles are a whole new ball game. At first glance, battles appear to be the same as SSR1 and SSR2's, but this is not so.

Thanks to the new "Area Steal" ability, battles are MUCH more action oriented and strategical. Periodically, Battle Cards appear in the background of the Custom Screen. Selecting these cards allows you to sacrifice them into an Area Steal Card. When used, WarRock pops out and destroys a row of panels ahead of you, thus moving closer to the enemies. The best news is, the ability to Area Steal appears quite often so I highly suggest utilizing it every single time. It makes battles a lot more fun.

Now about the side view, it isn't what you think. Activating the side view camera does not put the battles into a 2D view the whole time. Instead, the camera shifts to a side view when you execute a WarRock attack. Disappointing, but it's still kind of nice.
I really can't put into words how different the battles are. Not only do they feel more like EXE type battles, but it for once feels like an improvement over them.

Of note, this is the very first time I have actually enjoyed playing an SSR game. I was a hater, but not any more. Seriously, all of you give this a try, though I encourage you to not download the Rom but buy the game. Take it from me, chums: this one is 100% worth the price of admission."

Hey, sounds good to me.

So, do any of you have plans to purchase (not download) SSR3? Anyone out there who hasn't been interested in the Shooting Star series up until now?


  1. Sounds great! Although the side view camera is a bit disappointing. I'm more hyped now for SSR3. First day buy for me.

  2. The dump that I did not play is not a bit buggy, but I don't blame that mostly on DS emulation.

    Disclaimers aside, the side camera didn't always work for me, although when it did, it was awesome. There's a new way to Area Steal and a card that functions like the Area Eater from RnR2, although it would not be wise to use these together or you'll end up panel-locking yourself. XD

    The menus are very good-looking, the music is as catchy as ever, and the ability to pulse in anywhere is a very nice touch. Overall, I'm rather hyped about the game and I can hardly wait to play the actual game rather than this... which I did not play.

  3. Cool. If it had been just like RnR2, I'da been kinda "meh"... but ever since the updates started on 3 I decided to buy it. This only makes me want it more! :D

    I doubt it could be better than EXE though... >_O

  4. You can download it. It is nothing wrong with that. It is great to download roms because if you really like it then you can buy a game for a collection's item and you dont want to open it. The rom will let you play it and keep your brand new game unopen as collector's item. Isn't that great ? :)

  5. I'll definitely be buying it when it hits the states. I didn't care much for the first one but I did enjoy the second one. Sounds like the third one is going to be pretty awesome.

  6. It's only 'legal' to download it when you actually have the game :p.
    Protodude just says that it's bad in general, because most people won't buy the game :x.

  7. I don't buy DS games for the same reason I don't buy PSP games: It's simply too easy. & as long as my license to a game doesn't allow me usage on all platforms, tough shit top game developers. I can't even back-up my games, which is my legal right where I live, without cracking some anti-piracy encoding or using a specific dock or port that fits the inane proprietary formats that the DS & PSP use. Man, fuck all that.

  8. ^
    Agreed. It's legal to back up music CDs (for personal use), why not games?


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