Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Shooting Star Rockman 3 Commercial

Here it is, the long awaited SSR3 commercial produced by acclaimed animation studio Production I.G



  1. "Bu-rack-oh Ace-y-- Led-o Jokah."

    So is this that supposed big ad by that animation company? :\ It really wasn't anything at all. I was expecting something along the lines of EXE3's commercial...

    Oh well. XD

  2. Yea, the EXE3 commercial is by far one of the coolest MM commercials out there.

    This is still pretty cool, though. The quality for this commercial is a lot better compared to that of other EXE/RnR commercials.

  3. As this game has received a score of 32/40 (8 for others), the exact score of previous versions, what's up? :| SSR3 = bomb ??? No...

    Ya, this commercial isn't so great after all, quick and easy. Well, SSR3 will be a title in my DS collection, no matter. ;)


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