Monday, November 10, 2008

How Likely Is DASH 3? Minoru Nakai Speaks

411mania took the opportunity to interview Minoru Nakai, Rockman DASH 2's scenario writer and producer of the up and coming Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop!. As with all interviews with Capcom staff previously involved in the DASH series, the usual question was popped: "Any plans for a sequel anytime soon?" Nakai san's answer:

"Certainly we hear this question a lot. People are really looking forward to the day when we finally do get a chance to do a sequel, especially one for Rockman DASH. There's a lot of people, myself included, who want to make the sequels, but you really have to weigh the capacity of the company and look at all the other games that we're involved in creating right now, and right now it seems like the capacity and the timing isn't quite right for that sequel, but there are a lot of people who really want to make one, so it's certainly something to think about, but not right at this moment."

Nakai san also noted he's more interested in developing a sequel to Rockman DASH 2 than Tron Ni Kobun (The Misadventures of Tron Bonne).

So, it appears all hope is not lost; DASH 3 may be on its way, though not any time soon. All I can say is, We the fans are the backbone of the franchise; we make it what it is. Through continued support, we'll eventually prosper. DASH 3's arrival will be our doing.


  1. Yeah.. don't give up, anyone. Keep bother them and tell them we wants it.. even The Misadventure of Tron Bonne should have sequel too! Tell them we wants BOTH!!! :)

  2. The game must contain the essence of the first version, but better. This "better" usually means "bomb", as this is the Capcom error. Take RnR3 (SSR3) as example: lots of EXE elements are back, but as long as the game becomes better, it (might) means "bomb" in sales.
    Now that Street Fighter 4 with that blue-weird guy hyper-powered = bomb.

  3. If a MML3 is made, I'm gonna buy it, even if I don't have a Wii/PS3/Xbox360 and then, when I have the money, I'm gonna buy the console. lol

    and... If a TmoTB is made, I¡m gonna buy 5 copies and 5 consoles ZOMFG!


  4. Both would make awesome DS games, I really can't see legends being successful on the console market, especially on the wii.

  5. Never played the Misadventures of Tron Bonne... but if it doesn't center around Rockman, I don't care. :P

    Dash 3 for wii! :D

  6. O_O Of course it would be successful! I think the market would eat it now...

  7. O_O Of course it would be successful! I think the market would eat it now...

    Not with competition like Sonic Unleashed and other games on the way. They'll really have to do something new if they want it to sell.

    Legends was a financial bomb(As was most of the X series) Legends was ahead of it's time in both gameplay and story telling. Now that games have cought up, it's far too late to release "Legends 3" with barely any enhancements, it worked for Mega Man 9, but it'll never work for a game that costs $40.

    As great as Mega Man is, "New" and "Unique" aren't really in Capcom's repertoire.

  8. :P I contest your statement GREATLY.

    Sonic unleashed isn't even related. And it will be out far before MML3. It has its own audience that won't rely on no other good games coming out at the same time. And obviously it will have new aspects. >_< What do you think they're going to do, slap new graphics and a 3 to the end of MML? In the age of "innovation" with Wii and all?


  9. What I mean to say is, it's can't stand up on it's own two feet any more. While Mario Galaxy was under way, we got Ryuusei No Rockman 2 or 3. When Brawl came out, ZXA and so on. They've missed their chance. When Legends 3 does finally come along, people will think "I already did this in Grand Theft Auto/Galaxy/Unleashed. Ratchet and Clank and several others have surpassed Legends, and it's too late to play catch up.

    Mega Man won't be getting any console offerings for a while. Best we can hope for is Mega Man 10, X9 and maybe something new in the next decade.

  10. Yes, I DO think they'd slap a 3 on a new engine and expect it to sell. They do it ALL the time! I'm not saying they're a bad company, I'm not saying Mega Man is a bad franchise. I'm just facing reality. We're talking about the company who just made a KILLING releasing a game based on 20 year old technology. A company who released 8 or 9 versions of Street Fighter Two. Mega Man's great, no question, but you can never expect anything ground breaking from the series. Ever.

  11. XD That logic is so flawed.

    WHATEVER the case may be, I'm hoping Capcom releases it anyway. ^_^ ;)

  12. Please inform me how it is flawed?

    I don't think Legends 3 can stand on it's own. I don't think it can compete with more successful games in the same genre, because if you haven't noticed... It never was able to. Not even in the PS1 era. There are vastly more successful games that use similar engines and game mechanics.

    I'm not questioning the quality of the games, I'm simply conjecturing that they are not financially viable, hell hardly ANY Mega Man games are these days. You might buy them, but what about the other billion gamers out there who won't?

    In a perfect world, they'd just risk it and release the damn thing anyway, but the industry has a rod up it's ass. Everything has to be an instant hit.


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