Saturday, November 1, 2008

Is It Time To Test the Waters?

Rockman DASH 3: quite possibly the second most demanded Rockman title in the brand's history next to Rockman 9.

For the past couple of years, we've listened to Inafune's desires to finally create the game, but as he has pointed out, money stands in his way. Creating a fully fledged, 3D Rockman title in this generation is a financial risk, due in part to the franchise's recent inability to make profits off of non Shooting Star series titles (ZX Advent=bomb, Rockman Rockman=bomb, Irregular Hunter X=bomb, Rockman 9=unknown, but looking good!).

But, how do we know for sure a third DASH won't flop? How can Capcom assure themselves that fans really do want to reprise their role as Rockman Volnutt? To return to the "world covered by endless water?" To see the shining faces of the 41 Kobuns again? Simple: Test the waters.

I wholeheartedly believe it's time Capcom created an "accessible side story" DASH title, one that isn't a cell phone game (*cough* "5 Island Adventure" *cough*). I'm talking about something on the DS or even WiiWare or XBLA, something that can be approached by a wide audience.

The demand for a new DASH title is there, so why not test the strength of the demand with a "new" DASH game that won't cost $15 million to produce?

Of course, we must recognize that the colorful characters from the series have never "disappeared", for they are constantly making cameo appearances in other Capcom titles. But, as much as I love these characters, I would much rather play a game with them in the spotlight. Honestly, I grow tired of seeing Rockman Volnutt face off against Ryu and Morrigan. I want to punt dogs again, utterly destroy Bonne mechs and yes, sneak a peek a Roll once more.

You know, I could even go for a port. Port older DASH titles to downloadable services or better yet, release a compilation disc. The three PSX titles are hard enough to find as is; you'd think it would be wise to release all three on a sole disc for the sake of accesability. Alas, Capcom has yet to even hint of something like this coming to fruition.

In closing, before a DASH 3 can be fully appreciated, Capcom may want to consider releasing a new game or ports to test the interest in the series. If it's successful, you bet we'll see a DASH 3. If not...well, I'd rather not think about that.


  1. With the present tecnology, the 3D rendering would kick the old DASHes, specially DASH 1, since DASH 2 already looks awesome. Yes, I'd like a new Rockman DASH! My only request: *not* downloadable. ;)

  2. DASH 3 for Wii!

    That's got a sort of chanting sound to it...

    DASH 3 for Wii! DASH 3 for Wii! DASH 3 for Wii!


  3. The Wii definitely would be the safest bet for DASH 3. The Motion controls would also work rather well with the game.

    Come on Capcom! Give us X9 and Dash 3

  4. Maybe they could drum up a re-release with pretty FMV sequences?? Seems to work with Final Fantasy titles... >_>

    Is it just me, or does the public not seem to want to consume high quality adventure titles anymore?? IE: Okami. WTHECK?! WHY?! Why did it do poorly on the market!?? IT'S A FRIGGING GEM!11!11


  5. Not just the motion controls, but the POINTING controls. The day where I get to bust-up some Bonnes, Metroid Prime 3 style will by far be the best day of my life. What I wouldn't give just to be able to hold a DASH 3 disc...oh Capcom. We all want it... please? We love you!


  6. I would love a Dash 3, even side-stories and ports, I would instantly spend from my savings on it. If a Dash 3 comes, I hope it's multi-platform, but if it's only for Playstation 3, I would still go out of my way to buy a PS3 and Dash 3.

    I only own Dash 2, and I've been searching for the other ones for a long time.

  7. Funny thing is, they already did try and port the 2 DASH games.

    Too bad they were only on the PSP (and this was before Monster Hunter Portable made the PSP blow up, so there you go), and even there, they only came out in Japan-land, at that. I don't recall seeing too many sales records of the games, but I can't imagine them being all that good. ;_;

    Any way, Inafking was basically alluding to the notion that Rockman Trigger's inclusion in the upcoming arcade hit, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, may be the best indicator of the DASH series' future. Giving how well received Mr. Volnutt's inclusion has been thus far, I think it may be safe to conclude that we may yet see him again, in a proper release, some day soon...perhaps sooner than any of us thought.

  8. As long as motion controls aren't overused tackily, I believe they would be cool. The Wii's pointer is its killer app, if you ask me.

    Regardless of the pointer and the motion, I just plain ol' think the Wiimote+Nunchuk is comfortable! XD

    Dash 3 for Wii! :)

  9. Well. Inafune and his team really wants to continue the story. Maybe this can be accomplished by releasing games like "Servbot tetris" and other short things. Yes, even the cellphone game was a step in the right direction.

    Make Voulnut a household name before legends 3 is even an idea.


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