Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Not For Sale" Promotional Goodies Can Be Yours

Have you ever desired to own some sort of promotional display from GameStop? You know, like those over sized standees or cardboard banners? I know I have, thankfully there's plenty of these items on ebay, but not too many are related to our beloved Blue Bomber.

And that's where Yahoo! Auctions Japan comes in. Currently up for bidding, is a set chock full of Rockman.EXE promotional materials ranging from cardboard cut outs and banners to empty display boxes. Presumably, these items where on display at local Japanese game stores and could not be purchased by the public consumer.

Of course, the items are small and measly, but somebody out there may value them. Interested? Check out the auction here.

Credit: Ralene


  1. you dont always have to wait to get cool promotional items. you can get lifesize standees from lifesize custom cutouts, if you're looking

  2. WAAAANT!!!

    Will someone buy this for me? ;__;


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