Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Classic Series Rockman Invades "Capcom IR"

Visited Capcom's investor relations/financial hub lately? Notice anything interesting? You should. Classic series Rockman and co. have taken over the site's banner, which was formerly dominated by Subaru and WarRock. The new banner features a fun little animation featuring 8-bit sprites. Isn't that cute?

No real specific reason for the makeover, though it can be speculated as a marketing ploy to promote Rockman 9...or maybe Capcom just wanted to spread some Classic series love.


  1. i like that mega man gets close enough to the sniper joe to shoot through his shield. i always thought that was originally a glitch.

  2. Hi

    At kotaku, there's an article about capcom-unity asking which old capcom game that you want to continue?

    Capcom-unity seems to be down at the moment though

  3. That's just awesome and I only noticed this today. I wonder if CAPCOM does this on their other sites?


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