Sunday, November 2, 2008

MegaMan "Plug-and-Play" In Coming?

According to the ESRB ratings board official website, a "GameKey-Gunsmoke-MegaMan" Plug-and Play device might be on it's way.

"Plug-and-Play" systems have been pretty popular these past few years, an inexpensive alternative to game consoles and the like. Users would simply plug in the device to their TVs and play away. No power cable needed.

The device is slated to be published by Jakks Pacific Inc., a company well known for numerous "PaP" devices. No word on a release date yet.


  1. :P PaP devices bug me. I don't want a Rockman entry as one. It will cheapen the character. Dash 3 for wii!

  2. As much hassle as those things are to connect to my TV (I have a lot of consoles, leading to lots of switch-flipping), this sounds interesting. It better be original, though, and not the poor man's AC.

  3. When was this posted to ESRB? They announced it years ago...

    Anonymous> Meh, I doubt it would. And I'm sure that even if they didn't make this, it's not like it would affect MML3 at all.

    --LBD "Nytetrayn"


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