Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Beloved Rockman DASH Artbook is Getting a Much-Needed Fan-Translation

"Rockman DASH : Capcom Official Creation Data Collection - Great Adventure Guide" is a mouthful of a title that belongs to the undisputed king of Mega Man Legends 1 art books. It's not only chock-full of rare concept art and unused designs, but insightful commentary from the game's staff, too. It's a real sacred tome, let me tell you.

Unfortunately, the book is long out-of-print and never received an official English release. But where Capcom and partners fail to deliver, fans are once again happy to pick up the slack! An extensive English fan-translation is, after all the years, finally underway! Read on for the details!

Organized by a one RockmanCosmo, this project not only aims to translate the entire book into English, but digitally preserve it in the highest quality possible. 
Blurry, off-colored scans of the book have been floating around for years, but RockmanCosmo took the liberty of buying a copy himself and re-scanned every page in high-resolution. These freshly scanned pages are the source for this "scanlation" project. Check out the samples above!

Here's who's working on the project:

At the time of this writing, there is no firm date set for the project's completion. However, development is progressing very smoothly. You won't be waiting too long to finally read this baby in English!
Stay tuned for updates and a big THANK YOU to everyone involved! We're rooting for you!


  1. Awesome. I hope someone scan it and release it in .PDF.

  2. This is a very interesting development! I wonder what kinds of things were planned to happen at the school.

  3. First time i hear about this book, but good news. Thanks you guys.

  4. That's wonderful that they're taking on the task of translating the book. While art books, for the most, are meant to be enjoyed visually no matter what language they're in, it's always nice to know what the thought processes of the artists and developers were at the time the sketches and illustrations were made. I look forward to reading this in due time.

  5. This is great news, but always surprising that capcom never put this out considering they put out the other mega man art books. Maybe because it's just legends 1 and not enough to warrant a complete works

    1. Well, Legends 1 & 2 weren't exactly big sales hits when they released. The fact that Capcom even made three games for the series seems ludicrous, so skipping an overseas release of an artbook really isn't that odd.


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