Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Challenge Boomerang Kuwanger in Rockman X DiVE

Coming this Thursday, players will be able to participate in the "Space-Time Jumper" event to obtain the "memories" necessary to unlock Boomerang Kuwanger's chip. The event lasts until June 18th through July 1st.

It's worth noting that the chip has been available to view in-game for quite some time, but now we'll be able to unlock it. The chip skill is the "Boomerang Cutter", an attack that will return to the player like a boomerang. The attack can penetrate up to three targets, with the post-penetration hit dealing 25% damage to enemies.

Can you defeat the Blade Demon of Space and Time? Try your luck this Thursday, June 18th!


  1. I wish that you could challenge Gyro Man instead

  2. I really hope you can just blow all your stamina at once again on this one. That really saves a lot of time.


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