Thursday, December 24, 2020

Kotobukiya's "4th Armor X Rising Fire Ver." Model Kit Pre-Orders Are Live

We got our first look at the model kit's paint job at the end of November and now, before year's ends, pre-orders are open in Japan. Find all the details after the break!

4th Armor X Rising Fire Version is due in Japan in June 2021 for 8580 Yen (around 68€ or $83). This will be the most expensive kit in the series so far. According to Kotobukiya, this is because the "model kit comes with the largest Plasma Charge Shot effect part in the Kotobukiya Rockman model kit series’ history." If that's enough to justify pricing it 1100 Yen more than the regular 4th Armor X, that's something we leave to your judgment.

The model kit comes with the following parts:

  • Plasma Charge Shot effect
  • Three types of replacement face
  • Replacement Buster
  • Three types of replacement hands

This model kit includes a slightly different version of the "smiling" face packed in the regular model. The original "smiling" face and the fire effects are not included.

As always, Kotobukiya's Online Store is offering a B2 stage background sheet if you purchase the model kit there. Meanwhile, AmiAmi are offering a 25% discount or a 6% discount and a Magma Dragoon acrylic stand.

No word about the North American release at the time of writing this article. The regular model kit, though, will be released in February -- just a month behind the Japanese release. We can most likely expect the Rising Fire Ver. around July. We will keep you posted!


  1. Hoooooly molly... dat price spike, jeesh. I've collected every X-series model kit so far plus all the background sheets, I feel forced to choose the one with the sheet as well... but the 25% discount is tempting... ah man, I don't know.

  2. Hmm... More than likly I will buy it.
    I got the others coming, so might as well.

    Though it's not a replacement buster part if it's the only one... Unless there are white parts in there and there won't be. It's not too late Koto. Take notes. or at least let US buyers purchase spare runners.

    On a side note, I have the X4 armor Mega Armor figure and wanted black parts for that, so I am 3D printing some replacements I can paint up. That way I can leave the existing parts alone and just plug in my custom ones.

    1. The product info says replacement buster, whatever that means.

    2. They are replacements in the sense they are included in this kit, not the original. If the white buster parts where available, there would be pictures.

    3. Side note: Here is a 3D printed project I decided to work on. I wanted black buster parts for Mega Armor 4th armor so I made my own. Even fixed the hollow fin problem. Used Falcon armors hand for it.


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