Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Omega and Iris "SE DiVE Ver." Join Rockman X DiVE's 7th DIVE Festival to Fight Sigma

The last DiVE Festival of the year is here and it's packed. We have the second playable boss, the third Raid Boss event, and a new skin. Find all the details after the break!

Omega was the boss for the ZX Series event back in September. And now, he's become a playable character right before the Christmas event. The banner is available now through December 16 at 15:59 (UTC+8). Now let's check out his skills!


Double Charge Wave

Release an energy shot that deals 19.80% of attack damage to the target. When charged, the attack will change into a more powerful combination. When reaching maximum charge, the attack will change into a two-phase charged shot, followed by a sword wave. The charge shot will deal 6.5 X damage and the sword wave will deal 8 X damage.

  • Power Increase: When reaching maximum charge, the damage multiplier for the shot will increase by 10%.
  • Power Increase: When reaching maximum charge, the damage multiplier for the sword wave will increase by 10%.
  • Overbearing: When the sword wave hits a target, the target will become immobile.

Charge Saber

Deal damage equal to 41.12% of ATK to targets in range. When charged, the skill will become a more powerful version and when reaching maximum charge, it will cause 7.2X damage and summon boulders to fall on targets along its path.

  • Power Increase: Increase the damage multiplier for boulders to 50%.
  • Power Increase: When reaching maximum charge, increase the damage multiplier for Charge Saber to 10%.
  • Overbearing: When charge saber hits a target, the target will become immobile.

Passive Skills

Destructive Weapon: When you use a weapon or hit a target with your skill, there's a chance to render the target immobile.

Melee Adaptability: Reduced damage taken by 20% when equipping a melee weapon.

Arc Blade: When performing aerial attack with a melee weapon, unleash multiple sword waves to damage the target. This effect can only be triggered once more after 3 second cooldown.

Melee Mastery: Increase damage by 20% when equipping a melee weapon.

God of Destruction: When hitting an immobile target, damage is increased by 20%, with 30% chance to trigger Destructive Weapon.

The 3rd Raid Boss Event is already live and will last until December 15 at 22:00 (UTC+8).

Just like previously, this mode will call for players in the same server to work together to defeat a mighty boss. In this case it's "Sigma [X4 - 3rd form]". All players have equal combat power but the total amount of stars of their characters and weapons will be converted into attack buffs, allowing them to deal more damage to the boss. On top of this, the skills you have unlocked won't suffer any restriction like combat power does.

Each day you'll have 5 chances to challenge the raid boss, with more opportunities that can be bought using EM. In total you can buy five extra tries; the first three cost 20 EM each, the fourth try cost 50 EM and the last one 100 M.

These are the character and weapons that will dealt extra damage to Sigma.

Damage dealt +40%
  • Ultimate Armor X
  • Omega
  • Atomic Disintegration

Damage dealt +20%
  • Iris
  • Zero

Damage dealt +10%
  • X

The main attraction when it comes to the rewards of the third Raid Boss event are memories of Super Mega Man, Napalm's Head and the new card: Sigma (X4 3rd form). On top of that the usual rewards, EM, Proficient Memory Cards, Card Packs and so on.

In addition to these reward, there is another event running parallel. When you reach a set amount of contribution points, you will get more rewards that will be delivered to your in-game mailbox before December 23 at 23:59 (UTC +8).

  • Reach 25000 Contribution to get【Element Metal】x20
  • Reach 80000 Contribution to get【Weapon Memory Supply Box II】x3 & 【High-level Armor Parts】x10
  • Reach 235000 Contribution to get【Element Metal】x100
  • Reach 480000 Contribution to get【Weapon Memory Supply Box III】x3 & 【High-level Armor Parts】x60

This goals are very easy so you will most likely reach them the first day you play.

Iris "Soul Eraser" Skin is now available at discounted price for 720 EM (paid) until December 16 15:59 (UTC+8). The regular price is 960 EM (paid).

Yes, you read that right. This is the first skin that has to be bought with paid EM,  you have to use your credit card to purchase it. The price in real money is around 20€ or $24, varying slightly depending on what EM packs you buy.

Now, if this doesn't look very appealing to you, perhaps it will be to Japanese players because they can purchase the skin for 1200 EM (not Paid). Why the double standard? If I have to guess, it's most likely because the game just launched in Japan and they want to go easy on them. Still, I will love to read your opinions in the comments!

The second part of the Operation X'mas Present is live from today through December 16 at 15:59 (UTC+8). Week 2 of the event has a different set of missions to complete, you will have to complete missions such as "complete Race Mode 8 times", "complete Jakob Elevator (hard) 5 times" and "defeat 1000 Mavericks" to get rewards such us "Christmas Giftboxes", "Christmas Activation Cards" and "Card Packs".

The "Hunter Token Lucky Roulette" is available from today and until December 15 at 23:59 (UTC+8). You can claim up to 300 tokens daily and one spin cost 50 tokens. Works as it did in the past and the main attraction is the chance to get 50 EM and 300 EM. Good luck!

During the duration of the Festival players will get an "Attack Type Hunter Capsule Starter x1" every day to activate the Attack Type Hunter Capsule. And lastly, you can check the new items added to the store here.

The next big event will be the Christmas event. Let us know your hopes in the comments!


  1. $24 Dollars for ONE SKIN????
    That is all the proof I need that Gatcha games are pure evil and this game deserves to be killed with fire. People who pay that are fools. Sorry, no other way to put it.

    1. Go play Dragalia Lost, that gacha game is more free to play than any other. You get amazing characters and dragon for free, and the amount of semi-cash currency (which is on par with the cash currency) you get for free will guarrantee you will always have enough for any banner that comes around. The only thing you really need to pay for is if you reaaaally want specific premium banners, that are never exclusive, they usually have past characters/dragons and/or better %'s at the current banner's pulls. But even the semi-cash will get you amazing pulls in just 1 or 2 tenfold pulls. I never needed the paid currency in that game, and I have 70% of all event units since launch, the rest I either missed, or just didn't get lucky enough to pull the entire banner. They even bring back old banners often enough to be able to pull what you missed, and they have awesome crossovers often enough (Fire Emblem crossover, Megaman crossover, Monster Hunter crossover, etc).

      Give it a go. It's far more forgiving than any other gacha game ever. Plus, it's a lot of fun, and you actually get to play co-op with players live, unlike many other gacha games where they are just NPCs

    2. Gacha just isn't my thing. I played Final Fantasy Record Keeper before, and you can do ALOT free. I just found it irritating. Thanks anyway.

      As an old school gamer, these new trends are just irksome. I remember when games were complete... And cost effective.

  2. Iris and Omega (Zero) together? Cute couple. Definitely the work of Capcom Taiwan in this game is awesome.

  3. I thought Omega would be added later than that. I guess they needed a character who will give players the incentive to spend their EMs before christmas rather than save them.

  4. The two reasons i could see for the paid Iris Skin is either the one you mentioned, the Japanese version is still young. Or the complete oposite: The japanese version is already doing well enough on its own, so they don't need to incitate players to spend.
    After all, Japaneses players are generally less adverse to the idea of spending money on a gacha game, while lots of western players would only uses it free to play and spend only for features that aren't random.

  5. Haha, how many Zero's do we have now?

    1. 5 Zeros+1 skin+ 1 Zero archetype (Omega)
      6 Xs +3 skins + 2 Xs archetype (Model X Aile and copy X)

  6. Jesus Christ, 20 dollars for a skin? What the hell kind of idea is that, that's insane.

    1. I haven't looked at the prices but is 20$ the price of the skin?
      Like, he said 20$ is the price of a EM pack, but how much EM is there in a pack?
      If what he means is "the smallest pack is 20$", then it's possible you spent *a part* of it on a skin, then you still have the rest to do other stuffs, that's not as bad.
      20$ not even for a character,just a skin, seems like a lot even for a gacha game. Even a fan of a character would'nt pay that much.

    2. Like I said depends on the pack you buy for example:

      -830 EM Pack (730 EM paid + 100 EM) = 21,32€
      -410 EM Pack (370 EM paid + 40 EM) = 10,82€

  7. It might sound paranoid, but I get the feeling they made the skin paid-EM only in an effort to motivate people to drop the Asian version for the Japanese and Future-English releases, despite the denial of data transfer which means a literal year of work and luck would be all for nothing.

    It's very scummy, frankly.

  8. Nah i really think it's just to get non-JP players to spend money. From what i see at lezst, there seems to there are less paying players in the Asian version.

  9. Wait, wait, wait.. how much EM you get for 20 bucks?
    If it's just enough for one skin, then there is a problem with the pricing. A problem as in they have made a mistake and accidentaly added a 0.
    Even putting aside the whole "gacha games sucks blablabla" people would'nt pay 20$ for one skin in a game.
    I don't live in the US and am just vaguely familiar with $, but that is ...what? 3 mangas? two menus at the fast food?

    1. Now? $20 bucks will get you 1.5-1.8 volumes of Manga OR fast food...
      Typical Manga is between $10 to $15 per volume depending on the title. Sometimes more. Still worth it.

    2. No, it's typical of the game. EMs are grossly overpriced to the point where paid-exclusive items are meaningless to non-whales (barring the 30 paid EM daily discount for a single summon, or 36 for a card draw). Some extraordinary Legends luck aside, I've never gotten a banner character in fewer than 90 summons. "Over 9,000" EMs. Even using the limited deals you'd be looking at well over $220 if you were to actually buy that many.

      $24 such as for the skin (I'm actually getting $25.86, but whatever) would be approximately 6 gallons of whole milk.

  10. $24 for a character skin is absurdly greedy. Capcom Taiwan should be ashamed of themselves, as much as I love this game's content it already had one of the worst mobile game economies before this stunt.

  11. If anything, they should have the skin cost 600 paid em OR 1200 normal em. Still hefty, but it gives the player a choice. First skin I'm skipping and it feels weird.

  12. In most gacha games, $30 is the minimum price for premium costumes! They usually come with extra resources, but it's still absurd.

  13. $24 is ludicrously high for a mobile game character skin.

    However, they could have also put the skin behind a stupid low drop rate gacha banner, which would've ended up costing way more than what its pricing is now. Who knows, maybe they're trying out a new pricing format where they release stuff for a set (higher) price rather than gacha-ing everything out? Unlikely, but perhaps within the realm of possibility.

    My personal opinion on this, though? Just don't play gacha games.

  14. While that's a steal for us, is it considered expensive in Taiwan? Currently, $24 is about 670 Taiwanese dolars. Dunno if a high value there is considered low like the Japanese yen ($24 being around 2500 yen), as you need to consider inflation and other stuff. Anyone?

    That's the first skin I missed, as I'll definitely pass. And not just because of the price, but also cause I never got Iris in a DiVE Festival anyway (and Omega, Copy X, Ciel, Awakened Zero, ...), and with those rates, probably won't have her anytime soon. (At least I got the summer version due to free gacha...)

  15. I could probably just buy Rockman X2 Soul Eraser for that much money.


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