Thursday, December 24, 2020

"Tower of Saviors" and Rockman X DiVE Collaboration Announced

If you were expecting Rockman X DiVE to do a collaboration with other mobile games someday, wait no more. The game will be crossing over with the puzzle-based RPG Tower of Saviors in early January. You can find all the info after the break!

The first thing to note is that the collaboration is taking place in Tower of Saviors, not in Rockman X DiVE itself. The crossover has only been announced by Mad Head Limited, the developer of Tower of Saviors. We may get some Tower of Saviors content in Rockman X DiVE, but Capcom Taiwan has yet to make an announcement.

The Rockman X DiVE collaboration is coming with the 19.6 version of ToS and "All relevant events & rewards of “Rockman X DiVE” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only." The event will start on January 4th through January 31st, 2021.

Eight character from Rockman X DiVE will appear in the game including X, Zero and more. Below you can see the skills of Alia, Cinnamon, Pallette, Marino, Axl and RiCO.

Of course, there's more to this collaboration than what you saw above. This isn't a Tower of Saviors blog, is it?  At the end of the day, most of you don't know anything about ToS nor care. So we will save you the details about login bonuses, team skills and so on.

If you are interested, though, you can find all the details here. And if you want to try the game for yourself, you can download the APK here.

If only for the artwork, it seems to be a worthy collaboration. Let us know your opinion in the comments!


  1. Looks interesting, but why are Axl, Pallette and Marino silhouetted?
    A̶l̶s̶o̶, i̶s̶ i̶t̶ j̶u̶s̶t̶ m̶e̶ o̶r̶ d̶i̶d̶ A̶l̶i̶a̶'s̶ b̶o̶o̶b̶s̶ g̶e̶t̶ b̶i̶g̶g̶e̶r̶?̶ I̶'m̶ n̶o̶t̶ c̶o̶m̶p̶l̶a̶i̶n̶i̶n̶g̶ i̶f̶ s̶o̶...

    1. I really like the looks of Axl's pose against the "A" in the background
      Also, :(

    2. They keep them silhouetted to create some suspense before releasing them.

  2. I actually happen to know a bit about the game in question, mostly for the sheer number of collaborations it seems to tack on, and its "match three or more for combos" gameplay. This wouldn't be the first exclusive collab the Asian territories got for Tower of Saviors. They also had one for the Disney villains, but that was back in 2015. Still odd we never got that one, but I'm a tad miffed about this, especially for a game that I don't play and even if I did, it's not happening for overseas players. I wish X and company would appear in Brave Exvius; heaven knows it could use more interesting collaborations outside of Square Enix titles and related stuff like Fullmetal Alchemist.

    1. I'm glad someone here knows about this game.

  3. I don't play this game, but the art is cool.

  4. Out of this tpoic
    I've found that the ryuusei no rockman manga is being translated by some dude on manga dex...... I think you should cover that


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