Saturday, December 5, 2020

Mega Man: Fully Charged Issue #5 Preview Pages

The penultimate issue of Boom Studios' Mega Man: Fully Charged limited series is almost upon us. To mark the occasion, the publisher released a few sample pages from issue #5 and a sneak peek at a few variant covers. 

Read on for the full scoop... but beware! We've got spoilers here!


Writer) AJ Marchisello (Artist) Stefano Simeone (Main Cover Artist) Toni Infante 

* Mega Man is betrayed and defeated by the last person he expected.
* Now, there's just one more chance to save Silicon City and the people he loves most - can Mega Man go FULLY CHARGED one more time?

In Shops: Dec 16, 2020


  1. There's a potentially interesting mystery here because it looks like Wily, the guy best known for his skull motif, is a villain who likes to turn various robots into Skull Man, but it didn't work on Mega Man for some reason. I'd have expected Mega Mini to make some sort of comment about that by now since he's supposed to be the mechanic. You'd think he'd even be the one who would immediately notice and fix any such corruption too.

    I guess if Mega Man is going to be betrayed and defeated by the last person he expects, that has to be Suna. Dr. Light he's already suspicious of and Daini has always been outright murderous. I kinda wonder what Bert is thinking of his grandfather right now though...

  2. I admit I haven't been reading the comic at all outside of previews, but I honestly have no freakin' clue who is who or what is going on with this thing anymore. I feel like we got our own version of the Brazilian Megaman comic going here.

    1. Well, Chaotique is similar to Princess in that she's what happens when you produce a series without any consistent rules; you get a hostile takeover from an original fan fiction character.

      But Fully Charged is either nowhere near as bad as the Brazilian comic, or worse, depending on your perspective. See, the Brazilian comic, and the Ruby Spears cartoon for that matter, secured its immortality through spectacular error, while Fully Charged is sort of bland and not even much fun to make fun of. It's a series that seems doomed to fade into obscurity because it doesn't even have much spectacle to gawk at.

    2. At least Princess got killed off, from what I heard.

  3. Look at them.. They are so different from Japan version. What a ugly faces and their drawing. I prefer Japan version. Thats my childhood memory and I adored them. I can't say much about American version. UGH!


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