Friday, November 27, 2020

Kotobukiya Presents the Final Look at 4th Armor X Rising Fire Version

Ahead of tomorrow's "Rockman X Model Kit Talk Live Ver.2", Kotobukiya showed off the Rising Fire Version of the 4th Armor model kit during the Plastic Model Hobby Show 2020 online event. You can find all the details after the break!

This kit was first announced during the Wonder Festival 2020 (Winter). In February, we finally had the chance to see the model kit in color. No price or release data was available at that time, but with the normal version out in January 2020, we expected the Rising Fire Version to follow shortly after.

Perhaps we will finally get the release data, among other news, during tomorrow's talk show. Stay tuned to the blog for the latest news! For now, enjoy some new images below!


  1. I wasn't planning on getting this one, but now, seeing the completed version, it's on my list for sure. I love the Plasma Shot (arms and the effect!) a lot!

  2. If they don't announce kit #5 tonight I am going to be very disappointed...

    I want Black Arm parts for the regular kit. And I want them for this one too, if I bought this one. This is so annoying. KotoUS does not allow us to order spare sprues like KotoJP does, and KotoJP won't ship/sell those spares outside of Japan. That's just uncool.

    1. New figure announcements were the Second Armor from X2, and Rockman EXE with a dark variant.

  3. personally, I love more red versions of the kits.

  4. Yep. I'll be getting this too. Might use some of the fire effects from Rising Fire X for him.

  5. I don't like buying recolors just to add effect part.


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