Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Rockman X DiVE - The Week Before Christmas

This week, the development team are giving players a "rest" with a weapon banner before the big Christmas event starts. The return of the Dr. Light's lab, the on-going Farewell 2020 event, and a very special birthday present await you after the break!

The banner with the Berserker Sword is already live through December 23 at 15:59 (UTC+8). This is the second weapon from the Star Force Series that appears in Rockman X DiVE. If you recall, the first one was the Nightmare Sword from Mega Man Star Force 2.

The third part of Operation X'mas Present is live from today through December 23 at 15:59 (UTC+8). Week three of the event has the following set of missions to complete: 

  • Complete an Event stage 32 times
  • Complete a BOSS challenge 42 Times
  • Correct 1000 irregular data

By completing these missions, you will gain the following rewards: "Christmas Giftboxes", "Christmas Activation Cards" and "Advanced Card Packs".

After a few months on the sidelines, the Dr. Light Lab event is back. By completing stages from Story Mode, you get "Colored Program Segments" that can be combined to create the rewards. Additionally, you can purchase "Colored Program Segments" with Zenny from the store and get some for free via "The Experiment Plan" in the current tab.

If you discover these combinations quickly, you can opt-in to a ranking to get Elemental Metal when the event is over. You can get 500 EM if you rank among the top 100!

The event "The Experiment Plan" is running in parallel too. It allows you to collect even more rewards based on the number of "experiments" and "best result experiments" you conducted.

The "best results experiments" you need to complete as quickly as possible are the following:

  • Ferham Memory X5 (3 Times)
  • Elemental Metal Supply Box X1(1 Time)
  • Purgatory Machine Gun Memory X5 (3 Times)
  • Dr. Light Card X1 (1 Time)
  • Crescent Memory X5 (3 Times)
  • Ion Rifle Memory X5 (3 Times)

 The Dr. Light's Lab event is live until December 22 at 22:00 (UTC+8).

By the time you read this article, it's already December 17 in Japan, which means the Rockman 33rd Birthday is taking place. To mark the occasion, the development team will be sending some rewards in the next days. In total, players will get 690 EM. Not a bad way to celebrate the Blue Bomber's birthday.

New levels for the Jakob Orbital Elevator are available today. Levels 76 to 80 for normal and hard mode with a double fight against Toxic Seahorse and Sting chameleon at the top of the tower.

The event Clear the Jakob within the Time Limit has been updated with new missions that will give you various items to level up and rank up your cards: a card pack, some EM and the card Gravity Beetle. The event ends on December 22 at 22:00 (UTC+8).

Memories of the "Sniper Buster" have been added to the Race Mode on top of the usual rewards. The memories will be obtainable until December 22 at 03:59 (UTC+8).

Lastly, if you want to check the items added to the shop, you can do so here


  1. Still no news on that new game? Is it even being developed anymore?

    1. Probably not. If the event that cannot be discussed is accurate, what they are working on is nothing anyone asked for...

      Here's my guess:
      X9? Not happening.
      Legends 3? Not a chance in hell.
      Battle Network collection? Possibly... But not anytime soon. And it will have to be a split collection.

      Gacha crap, Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Monster Hunter, absolutely. Coof be damned.

    2. In the absence of news telling us that they have stopped working on it, i assume the plan is still the same. Something will come, no idea when it will be.

    3. Yeah, these anniversaries are meaningless if MM isn't making games to look forward to nor announces anything. May as well not bother announcing MM's birthday. The art above is cute, but how long is this Dive stuff gonna go on? I don't care for toys or other projects, and I'm not a fanboy with such stuff. Just games that are canon and main timeline really is all I ever cared about with MM. Oddly enough X9 should be in the works since collections and MM11 sold well. I guess they don't want to keep a fan base or make real money.

  2. Since it is'nt availiable in the west, If i dl the apk, can i play the japanese version of this game from the U.K or will i need a VPN to do that?

    1. You can play the game from anywhere, the apk might be in a different language but I'm pretty sure you select what language you use when you first launch it.

  3. Happy Anniversary Mega Man, and X.
    And Star force a few days ago.

    1. They're already on Legend anniversary at this point.


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