Tuesday, December 8, 2020

A Closer Look at Monika Toys' Robot Master Statues

Thanks to our friend marklincadet, we can take a much closer look at Monika Toys' upcoming Robot Master statues. The statues should be in the hands of buyers soon -- meanwhile, you can see both the final products and their packaging  after the break!


  1. Yeah, I agree, I kind of wish I'd picked up the Metal Man one, but Air Man looks cold too

  2. Received the statues. I am really happy with them. They are made of Resin and have quite a weight to them. Becareful with some parts and the statues need some assembling. Monika Toys provides instructions on Youtube. Check them out. Hopefully these will sell well enough so that they can create other Robot masters from MM2. Love me some Flashman, Quickman or Woodman.


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