Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Rockman X DiVE - Farewell 2020

While the Christmas event is still going on, the Rockman X DiVE development team have delivered another event to close out the year. In addition to the New Year event, this week's update includes many other interesting activities to keep you busy for a while. Let's check everything out after the break!

The Banner with New Year Cinnamon and the Shooting Dragon buster is already live through January 13 at 15:59 (UTC +8). On top of that -- and with the "Christmas Leviathan and Bit" banner still going on -- the development team released two new banners as well: Special Character Capsule for January and Special Weapon Capsule for January. These two banners will yield one guranteed S rank character or weapon, but they are both only available if you use paid EM.

Penalty Game

Inflicts 134.40% attack damage to targets within range, and paint their faces black to cause Blind.

  • Power Increase: Increase damage rate by 5%.
  • Special Ink: Blind status cannot be removed by skill and ignore Preventive Shield.
  • Privilege of the Victor: Gain 1 random buff after hitting a target.

Jeu de Volant

Send a shuttlecock by hitting it with a racket to cause 270% attack damage to the target.

  • Soft Spot: After hitting, there is a chance to render the target immobile.
  • Destroy Armor: Decreases target's DEF and that will bring extra 33.75% damage.
  • Splatter: Cause Blind to target when hit.

Passive Skills

Boss Sentinel: When you are attacked by a boss character, reduce the damage you take by 10%.

Godly Pull: Gain 1 random buff after using the skill, which can only be used again after a 4-second cooldown.

Mobility: The preparation time of the Jeu de Volant is reduced by 20%.

Wheel of Fortune: When hitting a blind target, increase damage by 20%.

Incredible Luck: Receiver better buffs when using Godly Pull.

The Auspicious Dream of the New Year event stage is already live through January 12 at 22:00 (UTC+8).

As usual the event runs with EP... but fear not! You don't have to split your current EP playing the Christmas stage and this one. The development team will send you 48 EP every day until January 5 to compensate for the fact that the game has two EP events running together. The good thing is you can use the EP as you wish; split it between both events or use all of it in one event.

This are the characters that give extra coupons and dealt extra damage.

  • New Year Cinnamon (+40%) 
  • Cinnamon (+20%) 
  • Layer (+20%) 
  • Massimo (+10%) 
  • Shooting Dragon (+40%) 
  • Sonic Buster (+20%) 
  • Compressed Spray Gun (+10%)

And these are the rewards you can get using the coupons, special mention to the "First Dream of the Year" card.

In the Japanese culture, the first dream one has in the new year is called Hatsuyume (初夢). The content of said dream foretells your luck for the coming year. It's considered good luck when you dream about Mount Fuji, an eggplant and a hawk. This is pretty much what this event stage represents: the player's Hatsuyume.

The stage has a big eggplant, a futuristic Mount Fuji in the background and, of course, a hawk: Flaming Storm Eagle. While a really interesting remix of the Storm Eagle Stage theme plays, you will be collecting Ryo, a gold currency used in pre-Meiji Japan. At the end of the stage you, will reach the sky to do battle with Storm Eagle on board a ship full of Ryo.

The New Year Money Challenge event is now live through January 05 at 22:00(UTC+8).

In this event, you have to complete the following missions to get New Year Money sent by different characters in the game: X, Zero, Axl, RiCO and ViA

  • [Daily] Use X and complete Story 1 time.
  • [Daily] Use Zero and complete a PVP match or Ranked Match 1 time.
  • [Daily] Use Axl and complete a Co-op stage once
  • [Milestone] Correct 1500 irregular data
  • [Milestone] Complete 20 ranked matches

The New Year Money sent by RiCO and ViA has EM and a variety of memories inside while the others have Proficient Memory Cards, Zenny and the usual common items.

The "Request from Eddie" event is back and lasts until January 06 at 15:59 (UTC+8). 

Same deal as before; we can exchange armor parts for "Eddie's Zenny Buckets" or "Compound Energy Storage Boxes". But now, "Shock Absorber Storage Boxes" has been added which is always needed.

25 Armor Parts ► Eddie's Zenny Bucket I - 30,000 to 75,000 Zenny
40 Armor Parts ► Eddie's Zenny Bucket II - 48,000 to 120,000 Zenny
60 Armor Parts ► Eddie's Zenny Bucket III - 72,000 to 180,000 Zenny

25 Armor Parts ► Compound Energy Storage Box I - 160 to 400 Compound Energy 
40 Armor Parts ► Compound Energy Storage Box II - 256 to 640 Compound Energy 
60 Armor Parts ► Compound Energy Storage Box III - 384 to 960 Compound Energy 

25 Armor Parts ► Shock Absorber Storage Box I - 800 to 2000 Shock Absorbers
40 Armor Parts ► Shock Absorber Storage Box II - 1280 to 3200 Shock Absorbers
60 Armor Parts ► Shock Absorber Storage Box III - 1920 to 4800 Shock Absorbers

The fifth part of Operation X'mas Present is live from today through January 6 at 15:59 (UTC+8). Week five of the event has the following set of missions to complete and their respective rewards.

  • Complete an Event stage 32 times ➜ Christmas Present Activation Card x10
  • Complete the Jakob Orbital Elevator (Challenge) 5 Times ➜ Christmas Giftboxx10
  • Correct 1000 irregular data ➜  Universal Star Up Card IIIx1

The RiCO's Energy Support event is back and this time she is sending 240 AP every day until January 06 at 15:59 (UTC+8).

And lastly the Merry Christmas! event has a new set of missions to complete. You will be asked to complete the event stage in all the difficulties available plus other general missions like "Conduct Research 3 Times" or "[Daily] Accumulate 2500 Event Coupons". The rewards are the usual EM, boxes and event points.

If you are interested in the items added to the store and bug fixes, you can check them here.


This is the last Rockman X DiVE article of 2020. We made a little over 100 posts covering the game this year. It's a LOT and it takes a considerable effort to be on top of the near-daily news. Thanks for reading and we hope your first dream of the year has Mount Fuji, an eggplant and a hawk in it!


  1. good riddance to this cursed year(legit think god cursed it to herald something big with how extremely unnatural things have been.),the only thing i'll say farewell to is the 1st half(and to my passed father in heaven who helped me get through it's beginning and love i have for him helping me stay strong throughout all that's happened with my family.:3) and that megaman at least had a good presence(especially pallete/layer,the classic,zero/zx & legends characters being playable in x dive,the decent collaborations,the unearthing on old mega man promotional material,reploidrevo's awesome megaman awards and the zero/zx collection letting me experience zero's final journey for the 1st time which makes me hope we get a legends/rpg collection.)

  2. The last post of this year should be latest video from the user JKB Games, showing the glorious intro stage gameplay of Mega Man X Corrupted.


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