Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Rockman EXE Anime Officially Heads to YouTube. In Japan. For a Limited Time.

Here's a pleasant surprise that comes with some caveats. Coro Coro Comics' just dropped the first 56 episodes of the Rockman EXE anime on YouTube for free!..
... but as you may have already deduced, these episodes are not only region-locked but available for a limited time. Folks living in Japan can stream the show until January 14th, 2021. After that, they're gone! You'll need to resort to a VPN to watch if you live outside Japan.

That's all there is to report on this front for now. It's always heartening to see the EXE anime return in some capacity -- reruns, re-releases, etc. And while it will only be available to watch for a month, I'm hopefully it will attract a whole new audience.

Long live EXE!


  1. oh boy, mega man's birthday tomorrow, wonder if capcom is doing anything at all.

    1. I doubt it. But... That being said, there is a lot of activity the last few days that makes me wonder...

  2. You can download it with y2mate without needing a vpn but you'll be limited to 480p (l'm not sure if this is already the best quality they are dropping or a limitation from the site it self)

  3. It's region locked for me ;-; I'm from the US, also are there english subs for when I get a vpn?


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