Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Monika Toys Officially Unveils Mega Man Classic Series Statue Line Up (Update)

Back in December 2019, Monika Toys toys showed off two resin statues during the Singapore Comic Con: Air Man and Metal Man. Initially, both were slated for Q1 2020 but they never came out. Today, Monika Toys has finally published more solid details about the statues, and added Crash Man to the line up!

At this time the statues are going to be sold only at Asian retailers. However, we at Rockman Corner have contacted Monika Toys to find out exactly how fans in North America and Europe can purchase them! Find all the details after the break below!

The three statues are made from resin and are due out in Q4 2020. Each statue will cost $135/120€. If you wish to purchase them, you will have to contact Monika via this e-mail address. They told us they are happy to sell them directly to fans from USA or Europe, so go ahead and e-mail them if you wish to add any of them to your collection!

UPDATE: Monika has issued a correction. They write, "we can only ship to Asia. I will refer customers out of this region interested in the statues to our Hong Kong reseller to assist them with the purchase."

UPDATE 2: They will be offering a 15% discount off RRP excluding shipping to customers who pre-order by the end of August.

DWN.013 Crash Man

Material : Resin
Item Number : MSCM110003
Dimension : 20cm x 19cm x 25cm

DWN.010 Air Man

Material : Resin
Item Number : MSCM110002

Dimension : 24cm x 18cm x 20cm

DWN.009 Metal Man

Material : Resin
Item Number : MSCM110001
Dimension : 25cm x 23cm x 20cm

Thanks to our friend marklincadet for the tip! For more news, you can follow Monika Toys' Facebook Page and Instagram Account and, of course, Rockman Corner.

So what do you think about these guys? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Man, I need to save up for that Crash Man statue.

  2. They look pretty nice. A bit outside my budget, though.

  3. I love seeing anything of the Robot Masters. Crash Man's eyes are a little wonky, but it's so cool to see a sculpt of him. If I bought any, I'd pick up the Metal Man one.

  4. I would've thought these statues had wider distribution. Pretty cool to get merch on robot masters that aren't from MM1 for once!

  5. Ooooo, that is a bitchin' looking Air Man.

    1. They do say you can’t beat him

    2. Can't beat that price either but I'm gonna try. :3

  6. My girl Monika spoiling us form another dimension with this awesome figures! loving the air effect on Air Man!

  7. These figures are beyond awesome!
    I am going to get them all!!!
    I hope they keep producing more robot masters.

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  9. OMGS they're awesome! Where? When? How much?!

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