Saturday, July 21, 2018

Rockman X2 Sample Version Released

The third and final prototype I'm releasing this month is a sample version of Rockman X2. (You can find the previous X3 prototypes here and here)

There are a number of differences going on here: different graphics, different level layouts, audio differences, text differences, debug controls, glitches, and other changes are present. One neat difference I'd like to point out is the Irregular select screen has the "X" icon with DATA written beneath it, just like in the Rockman X2 manual. The grey tower is also labeled as "I.H", indicating that this building is, and always has been, Irregular Hunter HQ. Neat! Check out the TCRF page here for more differences.

Hit the jump below for download instructions!

You can download this prototype (and lots of other prototypes, sample versions, etc.) from the green "Betas & Protos" button on the right side of the blog. The file is "Rockman X2 Sample.rar".

CAUTION: This ROM will NOT function correctly in most emulators. Running it in something like SNES9x will produce emulation errors:
  • Morph Moth's first form will be badly bugged and his second form's beam attack is broken
  • Some Cx4 wireframe objects will not load
  • Some stage images on the select screen do not move into proper position
  • Misc. errors
You might need to try a few alternatives to get it to run properly. Everyone's done all they can with this one.

Release notes:

Rockman X2 Sample Version
Obtaining the cart and dumping the ROM: TX D. 
Script to dump the ROM and fixing the header so it runs in emulators: skaman 
ROM testing and documentation: GoldS


  1. is there any major differences in here?

  2. The SD2SNES would freeze with the unmodified ROM, but works fine with the modified ROM. Running on the Analogue Super Nt.

  3. Thank you so much! Cheers!

  4. It's exciting to see the TCRF article about this new discovered prototype!
    Snes9x on PSP won't even load main HUD and graphics of X, but Snes9x ver 1.51 rerecording v7 (win32) mostly fine except the CX4 wireframe objects in action (Chop Register/Sigma Virus) unseen but hitbox still intact.

  5. What's the release date of the sample? (And thank you Brian!)

  6. Incredible, played it earlier and really enjoyed it! Thank you so much to everyone involved for preserving this!

  7. Replies
    1. Why? So you can hoard it for it to never be seen again like most beta collectors?

    2. no, id dump it and keep the cart, duh

  8. Im playing this on SNES9XGX emulator on the wii and it has one big problem with bubble crab's stage. The mid boss will be out of place and the metallic bridge wont open.

  9. Any temp/alt links for this? I keep getting a 429 error


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