Saturday, July 28, 2018

Another Look at Nendoroid X and His Little Ride Armor

Good Smile's Mega Man X Nendoroid has appeared once again and this time he brought a friend. As seen at Wonder Festival, here's the final colorized figure... AND a Ride Armor!

No word yet if the Ride Armor will ship with X or if it will be sold separately. Stay tuned for details!

Source: Nitomata, hiroku_asai


  1. Nice, it's the kangaroo. Makes me think that maybe Vile is next?

  2. If it comes with it then buy. If not then wait until preorder for armor. It looks like it'll work with nels also.

  3. This is actually the X2 Rabbit Ride Armor. Surprised they chose that one over the Chimera.

  4. OMG, more and more figureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees T_T, i am both happy and concerned...

  5. It looks pretty plain for some reason, hopefully they'll make the bright blue parts glossier when it comes out. I love how it looks just like his bust sprite you see during MMX4's dialogue scenes like with X and Dragoon before the sky lagoon falls.


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