Friday, July 6, 2018

Mega Man 11 Official Collector's Edition Guide Announced

Mega Man 11 is getting an official strategy guide Prima Games, the publisher announced. The "Mega Man 11 Official Collector's Edition Guide" includes tips, tricks and lots of fun little extras to complement your MM11 experience. Details below:

  • 30th Anniversary Content: Explore 30 years of Mega Man history! 
  • Compelling Interviews and Look Behind the Scenes: Hear from the talented minds behind Mega Man 11
  • Stunning Fan Art Section: Features pieces from dedicated and talented Mega Man fans! 
  • Premium Hardcover Book: The gorgeous, exclusive design is a must have for any fan!
  • Comprehensive Walkthrough: We lead the way from start to finish—experience everything!
  • Digital Bonus: Unlock your digital version of this guide with the free code card included inside.  Access your digital guide anytime, anywhere, on any web-enabled device.

The Official Collector's Edition Guide is now available to pre-order from Amazon. It'll set you back $39.99.

(Fun fact: the last official Mega Man strategy guide came out in 2006)


  1. geez capcoms going all out. good for them. good for us.

  2. Awesome, i'm definitely getting this.

  3. Want. Will have.

  4. Will this be available in stores

  5. Man, I can't imagine it'd need too many pages for a platformer... Kinda wish a CE bonus would've been a bonus Legacy Collection guide in it as well. Either way, nice to see it.

  6. @Darrien - A substantial amount of the book will cover the entirety of the Mega Man franchise, not just a guide to MM11.

  7. I'll get this no matter what.


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