Monday, July 30, 2018

Mega Man 11 Full Blast Man Stage Gameplay + Torch Man Challenge Mode

Archived footage last week's Capcom TV Mega Man 11 segment has surfaced thanks to KiraSSG. Here, we get to see a complete run of Blast Man's stage including the boss fight. Jumping ahead to the 12:20 mark, we get our first look at Challenge Mode. Only one challenge is available in this particular build: a time trial fight against Torch Man. 

Also worth pointing out, at the 7:13 mark, the player earns a bronze trophy for triggering Shock Guard. This is an optional part available to purchase from Dr. Lights lab that protects Mega Man from spikes.


  1. Love it but Challenge mode is not my things. I just playing the story mode and ending story. Thats my things. I love the ending story. Challenge mode is just no biggie deal to me and not interesting at all.

    1. Okay? No one cares what you find interesting/uninteresting, Mr. Random-Anonymous-Nobody-On-The-Internet.

    2. Obligatory you-took-the-time-to-write-out-your-response-so-that-means-you-actually-do-care comment.

      I hope the balloon challenge is really fun. I'll play the music from Mega Man Legends' balloon game whenever I play it! :D

  2. I have an idea about the time challenge. How about Low HP + Power up (Double Gear System)? It'll be over in a short time!


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