Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Mega Man X1Mega Man X8 Soundtracks Released on Steam

To commemorate the release of Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2, Capcom just dropped all eight Mega Man X soundtracks on Steam. Additionally, the new tunes composed and rearranged exclusively for Legacy Collection 1+2 are available to download, too. Each album includes AAC, FLAC, and MP3 files.

Hit the jump below for download links!

 FYI, you need to own a copy of Legacy Collection 1 and/or Legacy Collection 2 on Steam to download these albums:

Mega Man X Legacy Collection Soundtrack
Mega Man X Sound Collection

Mega Man X2 Sound Collection

Mega Man X3 Sound Collection

Mega Man X4 Sound Collection

Mega Man X5 Sound Collection

Mega Man X6 Sound Collection

Mega Man X7 Sound Collection

Mega Man X8 Sound Collection

Thanks for the tip, Mark!


  1. Too bad the Steam version has that frame rate problem with all games. Seriously, PAL speed in a US release.

  2. Sucks you need the games themselves. I'd get one of those albums if it were a standalone release, but I'm not going to buy duplicate copies of the games just to get music tracks on my hard drive.

  3. I just got the collections for ps4 & switch. Why do you even have to buy the collection just to get the soundtrack? And for just a download the price for the soundtracks is a bit too much. Why not a actual usa cd copy release of at least the legacy collection cd?

  4. They're on iTunes too, why not just get them there instead of Steam? Given you don't have to own the games, they're DRM free, AND they cost the same.

  5. Well dang, a bit too expensive right now but I was considering buying them eventually until I seen they're DLC for the collections.

    Though I always hate how OST releases can't loop. I think FLAC has some kind of support for it, but most audio players don't even acknowledge it anyway.


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