Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Rockman 11 Production Note Book Details

New details on the Rockman 11 production note (a booklet bundled with the Japanese Limited and Complete Edition sets) have been released. The B5-sized, hardcover 64-page book will include the following contents:

    • Original cover art by Yuji Isharaha
    • Rockman 11 Story summary
    • Character relationship chart & character size comparison table
    • Character introduction/biographies
    • Boss characters introduction/biographies
    • Special effects breakdown
    • Iconography gallery (icons, menu graphics, etc.)
    • Unused characters and settings
    • Art direction
    • Tribute artwork
    • Eguchi's "master room" (tips and tricks?)
    • Ucchy-san x Producer dialogue (interview between Rockman Unity's Ucchy and Kazuhiro Tsuchiya)
    • "Development Playroom"
    • History of Rockman
      While some of the contents sound a little vague at the moment, it really sounds like there's a lot of neat stuff packed into this little book! Bit of a shame we're not getting it stateside – not at this time, at least. Maybe this is something UDON will bring over in the future?

      For now, the Production Note is only available by purchasing the Rockman 11 Limited Edition or Complete Edition sets. Both sets are still available from E-Capcom, though they do not ship internationally. Play Asia, Amazon Japan and the like had some stock a few weeks back... but they're sold out. I'd regularly keep tabs on those places if I were you. You never know when a fresh batch will come in.

      Source: Rockman 11 Official Website

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