Monday, July 30, 2018

More Mega Man: Fully Charged "Throwing Shade" Clips

Ahead of Mega Man: Fully Charged's premiere on the Cartoon Network app later this week (Friday, August 3rd), the official Cartoon Network YouTube channel posted two new previews from the show's first and second episode ("Throwing Shade" part 1 and 2). Check out the first clip above and the second after the break below!

Mega Man: Fully Charged premieres on the official Cartoon Network app and various on-demand streaming platforms on Friday, August 3rd. Episodes will air on Cartoon Network weekly every Sunday beginning at 6:30 a.m. ET/PT starting August 5th.


  1. I thought I would go into the show hating it, but the previews have really turned me around. Despite the changes they've made, they still have plenty of references to the source material. The one thing that I guess we have to come to terms with is that it's just a different Mega Man. Mega Man as a cartoon character seems to be more sarcastic and wise-cracking because it makes for writing more appealing to the age group (and so the animators can just recycle main characters from their past shows).

  2. I hope Dr. Light is putting on a great acting performance playing dumb, pretending he doesn't know who Mega Man is just to keep Aki's identity safe(and to keep his own connection to Mega Man hidden in the process).

  3. Mega-cise me? Did I hear that right? Better than I thought though

  4. Sorry I just can't stand this... The dialogs, the models, the characters...

    I feel very empty inside when I watch this

    1. then i have a very easy solution for you. Dont watch.

    2. AmienZero it's called having an opinion, ever heard of that concept maybe?


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