Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Extended Mega Man: Fully Charged "Drilling Deep" Preview

Another day, another Fully Charged preview. This clip comes from the episode "Drilling Deep". You've seen pieces of this one before, but now you get to see what happens after Mega Man faces Drill Man. Copying Robot Master abilities looks like it has its fair share of side effects...

Source: Cartoon Network


  1. The kid's name is Bert....
    If he's like, Dr. Wily Jr. or something, I'll be alright with this. But I won't lie, I'll be slightly tilted if he's actually Dr. Wily, since he's pretty much my favorite villain of all time. I'll still watch it though, it'll just be... different.

  2. I just want to be the first to point out that Megaman/Aki's friends are Menat(Street Fighter 5) and Wily.

  3. The Wily shirt kid's name seems to be Bert. Dr. Wily's full name is Albert W. Wily. Something's fishy about this guy. Also, look at his chin structure. Seems awfully familiar to someone...

  4. the school scene would've been better had this been an anime

    1. Why? Anime is nothing special nor is it some superior medium.


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