Wednesday, July 25, 2018

First Pachislot Rockman Ability Gameplay (Updated: New Clip, Images)

Although Pachislot Rockman Ability isn't due to hit Japan until September, it looks like at least one machine has been spotted in the wild...

Additional images of the machine, Rockman himself, and four new characters:

Not much else is known about the game since it was announced last week. Based on these developments, though, it's pretty much confirmed that Ability is setting itself up as its own thing with its own set of characters. It's interesting to see Capcom pursue this route instead of using legacy characters.

I almost wonder if Ability is poised to become its own series, albeit relegated to the pachislot/amusement field (one of the few markets that Rockman hasn't penetrated). It's way too early to call it, though. We'll see.

More news on this front soon, no doubt. Thanks to Reploid21XX for the find!


  1. ROKKUMAN BUST AHHHHH ahhhhhh! My ears, they harm me.

  2. What we are witnessing here is the next evolution of video gaming: If it doesn't make sense to add loot crates to your games, then just straight up make slot machines instead.

  3. Nice bosses and too bad that they are not available for video games. Casino ? Yike! Not into gambling at all.

  4. This looks really freaking bad.

  5. Huh, So this is more of X+BN than Classic. The enemy robots (especially how they're designing the female robots) somewhat resemble reploids, with some Navi-like features and design

    Just realized Protoman is a hybrid of Protoman.EXE and Rouge, with the hair from Zero.

  6. I hope we can get some decent-quality images of all the bosses eventually.

  7. I have no idea how pachislot works.

    That video did not help my understanding at all.

    1. They're essentially just slot machines. Think P2W mobile games, except with even less game involved.

    2. A game with less game involved? What a time-saver!


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