Saturday, June 22, 2013

This is the SDCC Exclusive Mega Man #24 Variant Cover

At the San Diego Comic-Con in July, Archie Comics will be selling a special event-exclusive variant of Mega Man #24 (first issue of the "Worlds Collide" arc). It's a simple little cover with Sonic's buckled shoes and Mega Man's helmet. Certainly an interesting change of pace from the usual dramatic poses.

The issue will run you a cool $10. Copies are limited so grab it when you can!

Source: Mega Man Monthly


  1. Isn't this the image they used to first announce the crossover? Or something very similar to this at least?

  2. Makes me think of the "No Hopers" sign from DKC2.

  3. Ten dollars for reused art on a white background? Yeah no.

  4. It's "Worlds Collide" [arc], as in story arcs.
    And $10 for a single issue seems a little steep. Is it double-sized (40+ pages) or something?

  5. You guys must all be new to the world of comic book collecting...

  6. No thanks because I dont like the new artist.


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