Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Smooth McGroove Rocks Mega Man 3's Wily Stage

Smooth McGroove, the one-man a cappella star with the majestic beard, is back. This time he's covered Mega Man 3's Dr. Wily Stage 3 theme. Listen at your own risk, please. His arrangements are known for making hearts explode out of sheer delight and ecstasy.

If you're still in one piece, go check him out on YouTube.

Thanks for the tip, DocLithius! 


  1. The best Dr. Wily Stage theme from Megaman 3 right here! This version is awesome!

  2. Smooth McGroove is the man, straight up. I wish I had half the cool he does.

  3. Poor cat is forced to dance... at least the cat dances well at this awesome tune! I am really amazed. Sometimes I find myself trying to see which screen in he is making each beat.

  4. You're very welcome, Proto! ^_^ (I'm "DocLithius" at various locations. X3)

    Off-topic: The comment form changed!

  5. This ass, lol. I do this accapella all the time! One of my favorite Wily stages. Such a melodic song, although short. Has this hopeful let looming quality to it. It's great.


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