Sunday, June 2, 2013

Auction: Rockman 5 Password Kit

Here’s a neat piece of merchandise I’ve not come across before. This is a Rockman 5 password kit, released back in 1992. It's a batch of memo pads designed specifically to remember your Rockman 5 passwords. Each pad is accompanied with cute Rockman and Blues markers, used to copy down the color dots from your game. Pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

I never particularly enjoyed recording Mega Man 5 (or Mega Man 3) passwords. Jot a password on paper incorrectly failing to note which color went where resulted in quite a few headaches. I can see why something like this would be useful.

Right now the set is being auctioned off on Yahoo Auctions for a measly 1,000 Yen (roughly $9.93 US). A great value if you're looking to add a quirky, but unique piece of merchandise to your collection.


  1. Okay, just a question for future reference. If I were to buy from Yahoo Japan, I'd need to have a proxy service, right? I've read of a site called "FromJapan" that works like that. How do others on here go about buying from overseas auctions?

    1. I use FromJapan or Noppin. All deputy sites charge a fee for using their services and internal shipping can really raise the price, so that $9.93 item can easily jump to $15-$20. Noppin is good for cheaper items and you can deposit 2000 yen and multiply it by 3, so you can bid up to 6000 yen worth of items. The big problem with them is that they charge a higher fee the more expensive the item is. FromJapan is better for more expensive items since they always charge a 200 yen commission fee, but they lack a deposit multiplier, so you must deposit what you want to bid plus 200 yen. Don't forget you also have to pay for shipping to your place.

      Those are the two services I use the most. Stay away from Shopping Mall Japan. That place knows how to extort you dry!

  2. It's a neat idea, and kind of cute actually. But I can also see it being a waste of paper, especially if you keep a lot of passwords on hand or play the game multiple times.

  3. "Rockman 5: The Temptation of Blues"
    Strange (mis)translation in those memo pads...

  4. Haha, when I came across that the other day I first thought it was Rockman bingo cards!


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