Tuesday, June 4, 2013

About That "Next Gen" Mega Man Rumor...

This one's been swarming my inbox all day so I felt the need to provide some closure. A list of games allegedly poised to debut at E3 next week popped up online. It includes Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Banjo Kazooie 4, Marvel Vs. Capcom 4, Darkstalkers Reborn and a "next-generation" Mega Man, among others. 

Rule of thumb, friends: If a leaked E3 list sounds more like a wish list, it probably is. Fabrications like these have stolen our attention for many years because it's so easy to project one's own desires. A new, next-gen Mega Man is a terribly easy target.

The full list is after the break. Hit the jump and let's debunk this.

Coming from NeoGaf (via VG24/7):

Halo 5
Killer Instinct
COD: Ghosts
BF 4
Witcher 3
Dying Light
Homefront 2
Mirror's edge 2
Rainbow 6 PATRIOTS
Brother in Arms
League of legends

Capcom Next gen lineup:

Dead Rising 3 (XB1 exclusive. Capcom Vancouver)
Dragon's Dogma 2 (PS4 exclusive, DD team doing it)
Darkstalkers Reborn (Wii-U Exclusive. Funded by Nintendo, Dimps + Ono)
Marvel Vs Capcom 4 (Both. Eighting + Capcom. Also "Expandable" and also allegedly taking advantage of Microsoft's E-Sports platform tools they gave to developers)
Megaman (both consoles, PC and done by "A very good US developer who you won't expect but would be very happy to hear is doing it")
New IP from Capcom Vancouver
New IP from Ninja Theory

edit: I got these rumors from a friend's source, I do not know where the picture originates from. I do not know if these are legit at all but the games listed has been extremely plausible judging from famousmortimer talking about a few of them. So this should be treated as a fake, I don't want people running around treating it as a prophecy cause it might turn out to be fake at the end of the day. Then again this is E3 season, what else is new?

It's a wish list. And If that wasn't evident upon first glance, take a good look at some of those logos. "Halo 5" looks ridiculous. Banjo Kazooie is a fanmade mock-up from 2012.

Look, I don't want to totally demean everything here. There's certainly a few titles that are largely speculated to surface at Microsoft's presser. But a good portion of the above is fake. And in the case of Mega Man, it feels far too soon for Capcom to show the world an eighth generation title. I don't believe we'll hear anything on that front for a good while. Additionally, Christian Svensson already ruled out any significant product announcements at this year's show. Set your expectations accordingly.

...and please, try not flip out if Mega Man isn't initially there for Super Smash Bros. 4 (a real game that will actually be at E3). We'll cross that bridge when we get there.


  1. It's not real, and if it was real, it would suck.

    By the way, look at that Dead Rising 3 logo. "DE3"? Not even Capcom would consider calling it "DE3AD RISING."

  2. I didn't even see the part where he said it might be fake. I guess it is.

  3. That's a pretty lousy wishlist. None of those games sounds appealing. Granted, a new Megaman or MvC sounds good in principle, but even if they were made today they'd be hideous disappointments.

    MvC3 was bad enough, but the gaming industry has slipped even further since then (I know that sounds impossible...) and Capcom is among the leaders in ineptitude.

  4. I'd like to point out this 'League of legends'. Unless this is a console version, which I highly doubt since I've played it and controllers won't be able to handle it that well, then the list was proven false within 5 seconds.

    Also supposed Banjo 4 lacks an actual FOUR in the picture. Also no entry in the series, even Nuts and Bolts, shortened the logo. Fake.

  5. "...and please, try not flip out if Mega Man isn't initially there for Super Smash Bros. 4 (a real game that will actually be at E3). We'll cross that bridge when we get there."

    Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it sounds like you know more than us on that matter.

    1. That was probably my fault. I asked him on Twitter whether he thought it would happen.

  6. That Banjo Kazooie: Grunty Land graphic is one from a fan mock up like a year or so back (sadly I can no longer find it since Google is now swamped with news about this leak so you'll just have to take my word on this one), which at the very least debunks the image part of this leak.

    As for the list itself, Capcom already said a month or so back they aren't looking to work with western studios much anymore (Duck Tales not withstanding I guess because of how long in production it was), so it's unlikely a western produced Mega Man would be real.

  7. BK Grunty land was confirmed as fake on NeoGaf... which means that Capcom list is debunked to. Sorry guys.

  8. @Anon3:

    Not this time, I'm afraid. I've got no secret sources on this.

  9. I will rise again!


    I want believe it!

  11. NeoGAF.

    Top sides, anything there is taken as credible even if it isn't. Another strike against this list is that Svensson was dissapointed with Ressurection's sales (http://www.siliconera.com/2013/04/10/capcom-usa-senior-vp-disappointed-by-darkstalkers-resurrection-sales/), so it's unlikely, considering how Capcom cancels anything that doesn't live up to expectations (and we should all be familiar with this) that a new Darkstalkers game would be announced.

  12. If I recall correctly, Hitoshii Ariga (The artist of the MegaMix and GigaMix manga series) mentioned that he was working on "something big" with Capcom involving our little blue friend. Now, it's unlikely that it's a game, but I guess I can still hold out hope for some sort of an animated series or a movie or something. I'd assume that it won't be that, simply because Capcom would then just have an anime about Megaman or X going around and fighting robot masters or mavericks that we've already seen done in the games. However, it would be very nice to see Ariga's art used in a medium that isn't still imagery. Here's hoping for something spiffy, anyways. :P

    1. At the risk of being a total bummer, I suspect that that "something big" was actually R25.

  13. I have since found the Grunty Land logo mock-up from last year I was talking about last night http://banjo-comet.com/news/37-banjo-et-kazooie-4-gruntyland.php

    It's fairly easy to see it was made by chopping that one up, same type faces and everything.

  14. Let's go full optimist and assume the list is 100% accurate (NOT LIKELY, BUT BEAR WITH ME HERE)

    Even if (IF, remember, this is an unlikely hypothetical) a "Next-Gen Megaman" game is announced/SHOWN at this year's E3, there's no guarantee it will survive long enough for us to ever PLAY it.

    Exhibit L-3 (you already know where I'm going with this)

    I will eat my fucking words and my laptop if a new (official) Megaman game is announced at this year's E3 AND makes it into my hands in its finished, playable form (ie NOT announced then cancelled like, say, MM Online/Universe).

  15. @EXENet: Not just you. I received plenty of tips.

  16. @Captain: Except Legends 3 was known to be shown too early in development. It was in a state we NEVER see games in, and the game wasn't even green lit when shown, where as most titles are green lit and well into development when shown. It was foolish of both Kieji and Capcom to do what they did.

  17. Please please please.. Megaman 11 or Megaman X9 or a new megaman own game, whatever. PLEASE PLEASE! (*THINKING* Doubt)

  18. This may be fake, but who knows? Maybe there really will be a Banjo-Threeie (Nuts and Bolts doesn't count. It's a spinoff.) Or a new Megaman. E3 would be a great time for the "Top Men" to show themselves.

    1. Has it been officially confirmed as a spin-off? And personally, I'd rather the BK series stay dead now. I loved the original games, as well as the GBA games for that matter, but ever since Nuts and Bolts, I've grown to really dislike Rare. They're not the same anymore, the founders and Grant Kirkhope are no longer working there. As far as I'm concerned, much as I love BK, it's done now, as is the rest of Rare.

      Also while I know everyone wants to see a 'true' MM game in the works, I'm kind of personally unsure on the idea of a MM title developed by a US company. After what I've seen with that Maverick Hunter game, I'm not too confident. Of course I'm not too confident either in Capcom themselves, but even still.

  19. Oh Lord, Hallowed be thy name... please let this be real and not some cruel joke!!!

    Okay, I have learned not to get my hopes up so high thanks to past actions, but I am just hoping for the sake of hoping!

  20. Assuming the list is real no one should be celebrating a western made MM game unless it's being made by Wayforward imo. Retro might be able to do something fun with it but they already canceled a project with them so that's very unlikely.

    I'd like to also remind people that Capcom specifically said they where canceling western game development and focusing their efforts back to inward as well.

    Lol a new Ninja Theory game? After capcom blamed them for their earnings last year and tossed them under the bus? Yeah right.

    1. Gyeesh, really? I wasn't too enthused about DmC before its release, but from what I hear it turned out to actually be pretty fun and sold moderately well. CoJ seriously needs to make more realistic projections if they don't want everything they or their partners/third parties develop to be a total flop.

    2. No they cancelled a project with a studio made of ex-Retro employees who worked on the first Prime(imo very overrated since Nintendo was holding their hand for that). So no, the ACTUAL Retro would do a better job since they have experience after DKCR.

  21. There's definitely going to be something coming announced at E3 that's for sure...


  22. Uh, P-dude, Sven didn't rule anything out in that comment. He just said that they usually do other stuff. He did not confirm or deny anthing.

  23. Scuse me but when capcom will do the announcements, it's today (sunday) right?

  24. E3 starts tomorrow. Whatever it is we'll be hearing about it within the week.


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