Friday, June 14, 2013

PlatinumFungi’s Custom Mega Man NES Hits eBay

PlatinumFungi's much hyped, gorgeous backlit Mega Man 25th anniversary NES has arrived on the auction block. It's not only a snazzy work of art but also a fully functional console. If you've got the Zenny (and I mean the Zenny), try your hand at the reserve-free eBay auction here.

For the uninitiated, click here to see the light show in action. Best of luck, eager bidders!


  1. No thanks. Someone did it for the money and for the profits. It didnt came from Capcom of USA/Japan. No thanks.

    1. UHHHH
      Capcom of USA/Japan also does it for the profits? And more importantly the money?

      Can't tell if trolling or just stupid.

  2. Huuuuu, the price become crazy (900$) and it's 8 days before the end! LOL!
    Awesome auction! XD


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