Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Big Bad Toystore Will Sell the Rush Tissue Box Holder

The tissue box holder is perhaps the greatest incarnation of Rush ever. And thanks to Big Bad Toystore, folks living outside of Japan can get their hands on it. Starting today, BBTS has it up for pre-order for $108.99 US. It's estimated to arrive in September.

Expensive? Yes. Worth it? That's up to you. If the jumbo E-Can pillow is any indication, Rush could well end up becoming a collector's item.

Source: BBTS


  1. Yeah, no. I think I'll pass. How the heck does ANY merch make sense at that price point? I could get someone on deviant art to commission a plushie for easily less and get the same darned thing.

    1. ECapcom, plush merch is sold in limited quantities. It's going to be a collector's item.

  2. $109+ dollars is entirely too much for a plushie with a compartment for tissue paper. Enough said.

    He's cute though! I would definitely consider buying it at a lower price point.

  3. I am really hoping for a North American release. That's what I really hate about importing from a deputy service or buying imports from an American company; you have to pay for all that extra malarkey just so these companies can make a profit and THEN pay for shipping (I would imagine shipping for this guy is not going to be cheap, unless it's included in that $109 price tag??). I do understand why they do that, but it's still irritating to know that. :\ A local release would take the strain off that price. But knowing Capcom and their bloated prices, probably not by much. O.o

    Still, I am a collector and if there is not going to be a NA release, then I'll buy him by saving up for him. :D I don't think it's crazy. This little guy is probably one of the better merch releases. Besides, I see the pricetag inflating to something much more unreasonable in the future.

  4. BigBadToy Store: Importing things for the super rich since 2005*

    *Date not necessarily accurate.

  5. Guys, $108.99 is merely what an importer is jacking the price up to. They retail for less than $50 (4800 Yen). Even @ $50, I'm on the edge, but I might go ahead and wait until one pops up for cheap on YAJ.

  6. This is hideous; I didn't see nothing cool on this type of merchandising. Look at how ridiculous is this tissue holder. C'mon guys....


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