Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rockman Unity Shows Off Rush's Tissue Box Mode

Rockman Unity's Ucchy is back with a closer look at the indisputably adorable Rush tissue box holder. It's probably the largest plush incarnation of Mega Man's faithful robo-dog yet, clocking in at 300mm tall and 500mm wide. Head over here and check him out.

For now this is an E-Capcom exclusive with no word yet on an import release. Bummer. For now.

Source: Rockman Unity


  1. So THAT'S why it cost so much.

    To be honest, I think I'd treat him more like a normal plush and not a tissue box. XD

  2. Wow, I wasn't actually expecting it to be that big. In that case, I would have kept one more as a cuddly toy than a tissue box cover.

  3. This plushie is awesome...
    Ucchy too! xDDDDD He makes me Laugh when he shows a goodie Lol. He has so much FUN! O:

  4. YOU GET


  5. Oh my goodness! Do want! At first I thought he was going to be a lot smaller and not worth the price, but now I am really considering getting one for myself! :D Not to hold tissues, though. XD C'mon American Capcom store! Bring this guy over for us in the west to enjoy! I don't want to use a proxy service or ebay to get him. ;.;

  6. Now if only Capcom US could get this for the 25th Anniversary... Hey I can dream lol...

  7. I think it appears even larger in that image than it actually is due to Ucchy holding it towards the camera.

    Even so, looking at the other images, it's still bigger than I'd have expected. Yeah, I think I'd just use it as a regular plushie, too (Where would you put a tissue box that FRIKKIN HUGE, anyway?).

  8. Put a plushie coil adapter where the tissues go.


  9. why not just a plushie?


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