Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Reminder: Mega Man 3DS & 3DS XL Cases Coming to SDCC

Before you know it the San Diego Comic-Con will be upon us. So if you're headed out, be sure to drop on by the Capcom booth and grab a Mega Man Nintendo 3DS case. In addition to the previously announced Nintendo 3DS XL version, Brett Elston confirmed a regular 3DS version will also be available at the show this July. And look, it even comes with two bonuse styluses!

Of course if you can't attend SDCC it's no big deal, since the Capcom Store will stock up on these soon too!

Source: Brelston (thanks for the tip, Gino)


  1. I may get one myself, but I won't use it. I like my Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance case on my 3DS.

  2. Why is it that every official 3DS design/case is oriented so that the image is upside-down when you open the system?

    Ah well, printed my own Legends 3 skin ages ago, and I see no signs that it will be retired anytime soon.

  3. I might be interested in getting the XL version, since I'm likely gonna be picking up an XL soon.

  4. Ironically enough, i just looked this up to see if it was out yet.

  5. I will buy one as soon as they are on sale. I need a case for my XL anyway.


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