Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shadow Man Creeps Up on Mega Man #30

New info on the 30th issue of Archie's Mega Man comic book is here. The covers shine the spotlight on Shadow Man as part of the upcoming “Blackout: The Curse of Ra Moon” story arc. Spaziante's art (left) is really something, isn't? Side by side, you can really tell just how much influence Ishikawa's style had over Spaziante's work.

Read on for the complete solicitation!

It's the ultimate rumble-in-the-jungle for the fate of the planet in "BLACKOUT: The Curse of Ra Moon" Part Two! Mega Man leads Cut Man, Guts Man and Bomb Man through the Amazon in a desperate attempt to save the world!  But standing in their way are TWO sets of Dr. Wily’s Robot Masters! Things escalate even further when Break Man appears, but is he there to fight Mega Man—or to help? Featuring new cover art from PATRICK "SPAZ" SPAZIANTE and a special Capcom video game-inspired variant cover!
Script: Ian Flynn. 
Art: Mike Cavallaro, Gary Martin, John Workman, and Matt Herms
Cover: Patrick Spaziante
Variant cover art provided by Capcom

On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 10/9 
32-page, full color comic 
$2.99 US.

Source: Capcom Unity (thanks, Rick!)


  1. First thing I noticed about this cover was how nice the artwork is. It says a lot and is pretty intense. I like the interesting blend of the nature setting below as well.

  2. It looks epic! I will buy it like the old ones :)

  3. Tch. Now they're just getting lazy, reusing official artwork from game-related materials. But at least they admit to it. :P

  4. Pretty nice! Can't wait for these issues! :D


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