Friday, July 13, 2012

Keiji Inafune Dons 100K Shirt in Support of Legends 3 Revival

Though no longer employed at Capcom, Keiji Inafune remains incredibly empathic towards the Mega Man Legends 3 revival movement. Just look at that smile!

The above photo was taken at Japan Expo in Paris, France. It just so happened Inafune was in attendance, and 100,000 Strong member Ancode was on the scene with two very special gifts: a 100K t-shirt and a portfolio filled with Mega Man fan-art from practically every series. Needless to say, Inafune was very humble.

There's a lot more to this delightful encounter and you can read all about it at the group's Facebook page here. It's a true bittersweet story, especially with the one-year anniversary of Legends 3's cancellation quickly approaching. You might even get a bit teary-eyed!

Source: 100,000 Strong For Mega Man Legends 3


  1. Thanks for covering this, Protodude!
    You spelled Ancode's name wrong, though.

  2. Its nice to know that despite all that's happened, Mr. Inafune is still as humble as ever.
    As to the one year anniversary, I remember being up real late and seeing the post on TMMN "Here we go, folks: The Legends Never Die Campaign". I go to sleep and the first thing I see is a "Well $***" follow-up: Legends 3 Cancelled. I saw it and immediately thought, "You're kidding, right? Please tell me you're kidding." That's all I'll say on that.

  3. It's really nice to see that Mr. Inafune still cares and loves Mega Man. Dangit, Capcom, reinstate it already!

    ...L3's fate is reaching a year already? Time sure flies. It was a normal day. A normal day ruined by the sad news. Dangit. That day was ridiculous.

  4. This still won't change a thing. Capcom will continue being the evil company it is.

    Keep boycotting their products and run them out of business!

  5. keiji will be my hero for ever lasting peace :'(

  6. Did you mean to say he was Humble? To say he was humbled sounds like he wasn't humble before and he was made to be humble.

  7. @Musashi the Master

    Come off it. The only company that can make or license Mega Man games is Capcom, you goofball. If they're gone, we'll end up losing EVERYTHING. That's self-defeat at its absolute worst.

  8. Nearly a year already? Geeze time really does fly by, doesn't it?

    I honestly like that Inafune still wishes to interact with the fanbase, proves that he still cares (Which I find rather awesome)

  9. @Anon who responded to me

    Well, there are other big name companies like Nintendo who may adopt the Blue Bomber, they cared about their customers and fanbases and Nintendo did localized Xenoblade Chronicles due to huge fan output.

    So to be perfectly honest in my opinion, Nintendo will and always be better than Cashcom, suck it, Capcom followers! >:D

  10. @Musashi

    What do you mean Nintendo localized Xenoblade because of fans. Did they change all instances of the words "Colour", "Armour", and "Lift" to "Color", "Armor", and "Elevator"?

    Not to mention you say Nintendo cares, but they were the ones who said no when fans asked for it to be released in America.

  11. What a G, Inafune fuck the haters you keep on rolling and don't take shit from no one.

  12. @ Musashi: I was going to make a really long post, but I'll try to condense it down for you.

    Nintendo simply couldn't. Megaman is a huge intelectual property that has and is even to this day an integral part of Capcom. Be it products or even cameos. Think of how much would change should Capcom just sell the IP? And I don't mean that in a good way, there would be some negative consequences.

    Be it Nintendo failing to make a profit, or older games being re-written to remove references to Megaman in fear of legal actions. Nobody would win from it.

    Also. Capcom said that they have something planned for the 25th anniversary. And before people go off saying "$200 soundtracks!!" and the like. Think about it... Would it be a smarter strategy to reveal smaller things first and then reveal bigger things while the anniversary progresses, or throw the ace in the hand right away and overshadow anything else?

    What we need to do as a fanbase is wait. You want a new game, wait. You want to cast aside the negative name the fanbase is getting. Be patient and wait. Boycotting Capcom is like the worst thing you can do at this moment.

    If you read all that, then thank you! c: I'll return to lurking now.

  13. Many fans are sad because of the current neglect of megaman games but it's hard to imagine how someone as close as Inafune might feel about it, it must be quite painful

  14. @AngelicLove

    Nice try, Amir. You are attacking me as usual...

  15. @Anon who responed to me.

    Yes, you may be right. We do have to wait. Also, don't listen to AngelicLove, she's really Amir in disguise.

  16. @ Angekic Love

    Hey, same anon here. Thanks for the friendly reminder. I'll be sure to remember that.

  17. @Anon who responded to me.

    Of course I read what you told me. You're right. We need to wait it out.
    Guess I got mad for some reason.

    Also, don't listen to AngelicLove, she or he doesn't mind what he/she says.

  18. ;_;
    What annoys me the most isn't the cancellation of the game itself, but the fact Capcom never explained why it was cancelled. Unmet criteria? More like "just because we don't want to continue and can cancel it. PERIOD!"

    Anon: "What we need to do as a fanbase is wait. You want a new game, wait. You want to cast aside the negative name the fanbase is getting. Be patient and wait."

    How long? 10 years again?

  19. At least the father of Mega Man is still showing love for the blue bomber. Capcom, if you don't do something big to redeem yourselves for the neglect you've been giving one of your most successful and beloved IPs ever by the end of his 25th birthday, you're dead to me.


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