Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beating Ninetails Without Breaking a Sweat

Without a doubt, Ninetails is the strongest enemy in Mega Man X Command Mission. A real nasty fellow with unparalleled strength. The safest way to take him down is with your Hyper Modes, namely, Ultimate Armor and Absolute Zero. However, Rockman Corner reader Sigma Zero X tried something a bit different: brains over brawn.

No Hyper Modes or Stat abuse here. Sigma Zero X strategically took down Ninetails (and his clansmen) using nothing but whit and the most basic of attacks. The real kicker? He did it all without dying. An incredible feat, to say the least. You can see Sigma Zero X facing off against the other Tails members at his YouTube channel.

Thanks for the submission, Sigma X Zero!


  1. Thanks for showing the tip I sent to you. First off, the correct name is Sigma Zero X. Then again, you did post the correct main video.

    To be honest, I posted this on various Mega Man forums a year ago. My original intention was to show that it is possible to win against all Tails Clan members without using Ultimate Armor or Absolute Zero. In fact, no hyper modes or Stat Build abuses were used for most of the fights. The only exception to the "No Hypers" rule is Fivetails because of the deadly Self-Destruct move.

    If anyone is interested in the direct links for the other Tails Clan members, here they are:









  2. very impressive!

  3. I beat the nine tail with easier strategy. All you need is 7-9 hyper mode support for Marino. During marino turn, you will boost the speed of all team and then start attack with your long turns. It never end


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