Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wonder Fest Gives Rise to Custom Cyber-Elf X Figure

For the model and figure fanatics out there, here's a sneak peek at an upcoming Cyber-Elf Rockman X garage kit from MadHands:

This bad boy will be showcased at the summer Wonder Festival, which will play host to all sorts of neat homemade Rockman goodies. It looks like MadHands is also prepping a transatlantic variant of his popular Sigma head sculpt, too. The creativity never ceases to amaze!

Check out MadHands' official blog for more photos!


  1. Fantasy Empress RolinaJuly 22, 2012 at 3:06 AM

    Okay, that is kinda cool. Not quite what I'd expect from such a figure, but that's not necessarily a bad thing either.

  2. You know, I've always wanted to see how X looked in the Zero series. I mean, how his reploid body translated to the art shift. That was kinda lacking in terms of art. I never really got to see X as a reploid.

    1. that makes no sense... X was the design that all reploids were based on so how would you see X as a reploid??? maybe your terminology is off... Maybe you meant that you wish to see a rendition of him based on the art style of the Zero series buuut that doesn't make sense either because Z was the main boss of the first game... So we know how he would look only he was evil but he was still X... So... Yup...

  3. he needs to work on the head/neck proportions. something just looks... wrong

    also, a MMZ X custom cyber elf figure (with the coat and all) would be awesome

  4. Hmmm... looks interesting... I mean its very cool that its transparent, but I think something is off? I think its due to that its missing its gown or coat, like in the Zero series games. Plus its its made by MadHands, who is a very cool sculptor but his version of Megaman X series is kinda weird to me in a way. I mean the Sigma head looks very cool and Vile looks cool too, but X and Zero? Hmmm... I never seemed to like those. But I think thats why I'm not really feeling this X. Like I can see that he re-used his X's head for this one, which I think is why I'm not feeling it. If I get a chance to get it i'll have to think twice...

  5. not a game so who cares? when will capcom learn that we want legends 3 and not crappy toys?

  6. Above anon:

    a) Capcom didn't make this
    b) we like news about toys, too

  7. @Anonymous July 22, 2012 4:29 PM

    LOL!!!!! Capcom??? WHAT??? LOL!!!!!Like as if Capcom would make a figure like this. LOL!!!!! Read the article first before commenting stupid! Its done by a very good sculptor named MadHands and not Capcom. And figures are good too, not just games!

  8. @Duke Magus: I think it might be that the proportions are a bit different than what is considered "standard fare" for the Zero series. Still a pretty neat figure, though.

    @anon2: I'd say I'm getting really tired of the hordes of people like you that are constantly berating anything that isn't a game or MML3, but truthfully, I got tired of your kind long ago. Can't we have ANYTHING cool without someone whining about what we aren't getting?

  9. Whoa, that is seriously awesome. I love me some MMZ designs.

  10. It's beautiful, cool, and also kinda creepy. Still not the best figure of Cyber-Elf X, but it's still quite neat.

    And LOL, OH NOES, us fans cannot even make custom-figures because they're still not games!!

    Be quiet.

  11. Ehh... Looks weird, yet good. The size of the body doesn't really match the size of the head. I'd buy it if he fixes it.

  12. I am not even much of a Megaman Zero fan and I kind of want it... For a character that has a fairly unrealistic appearance the model captures its essence quite nicely.

  13. Fantasy Empress RolinaJuly 23, 2012 at 3:59 PM

    Look, GameAnon, I can understand your frustration in not getting a new game - it sucks, yes, I know - after all, Mega Man is first and foremost a Video Game franchise. However, know when to complain and when not to. If it looks like capcom's just screwing around in the post, then yeah, make a fuss about it.

    But fan projects like this one are NOT the time to be complaining. This is a Zero series figure - those are freaking rare. It's always cool to see something from the series that get little attention, so why not enjoy it?

  14. I don't really like it, it just looks like a human in spandex with some ankle boots and a x helmet. it's a good sculpt but I don't like the design, I thought the x design that was sold a few years ago at wonderfest was way better. I'm talking about the very posesble zero series x figure that was sold a long side zero and is usually pictured with zero crouching and holding his saber and x standing with his x buster held up.

  15. where can i get one i need this in my life.


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