Monday, July 2, 2012

Robot Master Attire Discovered in 'Magicka'

Wizardly action PC game Magicka appears to be getting a little Mega Man flare in the near feature. Hiding within the files of the game's latest major patch ( The Other Side of the Coin), reader Joseph Collins discovered a series of Robot Master themed robes:

The resemblance is uncanny, really. From left to right: Elec Man (Electrobe), Fire Man (Robe of Flamos) and Ice Man (Rob of Colldar).

According to Collins' findings, these robes will be released in a future DLC pack called the "Villain Item Pack." Data-mining of the patch also reveals each robe's attributes, accessories and quotes. You can find the lowdown on all that here.

It remains to be seen if these robes are mere tributes on behalf of the game's designers, or some sort of unannounced cross promotion between Capcom and Arrowhead Game Studios, Magicka's developer. I suppose we'll find out eventually, but nevertheless, this one neat find!

More info here. Thanks for the tip, JC!


  1. thats wicked cool.

  2. I knew Magicka was a good investment!

  3. I highly doubt it's cross promotion, as there is also a robe inspired by Warhammer 40000 ( and another one is based on Final Fantasy (

  4. This is pretty awesome. I have friends who play Magicka, they'll flip when they hear about this. I've been thinking about getting into it too.

  5. Can't wait to use these robes!

  6. It's worth mentioning that those colors I chose for the robe pictures (I edited that page after finding the content) are just ones I picked which I thought fit the original characters. There's actually something like 15 different colors you can choose from, so you can expect to see things like a pink Electrobe or a yellow Flamor.

    The robes themselves are recolorable, but the weapons and certain aspects (the masks and boots, for example) will remain the same color. :)


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