Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mega Man Legends Enthusiasts Aim to Build a Rocket

In addition to unveiling the "concept album" project, Get Me Off the Moon announced ambitious plans to create a rocket of their very own. A model rocket, mind you.

“Our rocket is going to be approximately 3ft tall and is going to be launched in Texas with the help of Get Me Off The Moon’s Roll cosplayer and several professionals," explains Get Me Off the Moon member Zetta. "There’ll be a video of the rocket’s launch and photos of the rocket and crew."

Yes, this is something very much in the works. And while it may not boast the technology needed to reach Mega Man Volnutt in deep space, the rocket will stand firm as one hell of a tribute to Mega Man Legends 3 and the franchise's 25th anniversary. You'll find a bit more about the project in this video here.

Want to get involved? If you'd like to help fund the rocket's development, donations are currently being accepted at gofundme here. There's prizes, people!

Thanks for the tip, Eugene!


  1. Instead of building a rocket to bring attention of people in You Tube, we should gather money and resources to send someone to Capcom's Japan offices for estabilishing contact with someone who could bring this game back from the dead. No one in Japan involved with Capcom will care about a stupid rocket; and everyone knows that Capcom USA is just a distributor of japanese localized games. What we need to do is discover who is the R&D guy at Capcom Japan and try to make a direct contact.

  2. Are Legends fans so deluded that they ACTUALLY think Mega Man Volnutt is on the moon right now?

    The pity just keeps mounting.

  3. That's cool, I was wondering what the group was planning on once they go the members. They seemed a bit quiet lately. I wish everyone in the group sent like 5 post cards to Capcom =[

  4. Can't wait to see how it all turns out. It's really cool that they're doing all this as a tribute to L3 :)

  5. Glad they are working w/ an expert model rocket builder. At first I was cringing at the thought that the rocket wouldn't fly well/at all.

  6. What good will that do? It won't bring back Legends 3. Why can't the MegaMan fandom release that Legends has died?

    Hell, X and Zero are gonna be in Project X Zone. Why can't the fanbase focus their efforts to bring PXZ to US shores? The point is: Give up on Legends 3 and move on to get good games that has MegaMan in them like Project X Zone and bring it to the West...

  7. This is just getting sad now...

  8. Dr Jerk:

    It's a tribute. It's sending a message to Capcom.

  9. Prof. MegaMan:

    Nothing of the sort, of course. lol.
    This is purely just meant as a publicity stunt to show Capcom of Japan that we're serious about wanting this game.

    Anyway, thanks for covering this, Protodude! I'm pleasantly surprised at how generously people are donating. We're nearly half the way to our goal already!

  10. @Musashi the Master: So, we should be aiming lower?

    Project X Zone looks great and people want it, but it's a spinoff game with cameos. Nothing more, nothing less.

    @VixyNyan: Why? I think it's fun and pretty cool. $1000 is nothing for a small community to raise, let alone 100,000.

  11. @lUCAS-
    That has already been tried

    @Prof. MegaMan
    No where in the article does it say that megaman is "ACTUALLY" on the moon

  12. $1,000 is indeed nothing. With such a small amount funding it, it's sure to explode and catch everything in the area around it on fire.

  13. Shoutouts to reading comprehension, rocket ascension, and general condescension.

  14. Just move on this is getting downright sad.

  15. @VixyNyan:
    Sad or not, it’s gonna be in Texas, my stomping grounds! I’ll be there for sure!

    And I don’t think it’s too bad of a cause, though it really should have been timed on the one year anniversary...

  16. *reads the negative comments here*

    Yes, because God forbid that fans still be enthusiastic about something they waited over a decade for.

    I hope everything goes well with this project.

  17. @VixyNyan: It's a 3 ft model rocket. Even if something like $5000 sounds more reasonable for something like that, they're not just pulling a DIY with amateur rocket science knowledge. They've enlisted an established veteran for help.

  18. @Prof. MegaMan: Will you just shut up about Mega Man Legends 3 already? You're just as bad as the blind supporters. You're not helping with anything as much as anything else is.

    Read it again, it says tribute. It's by no means supposed to revive the damn game, it's just a freaking tribute that's meant to be for fun.

  19. Also...

    @July 19, 2012 11:52 AM Anonymous: I didn't comment here before you. Was I being mistaken for someone else? =P

  20. The rocket will aim Capcom HQ? That would be funny.

  21. @Treleus

    I know it's sad that Legends 3 was canned, but the fanbase needs to move on. Legends 3 has become like a cult. But I'm starting to realize that Legends 3 is important to the MegaMan fanbase.

    Project X Zone is the only thing that has X and Zero. Aren't you happy about that? But Legends 3 is important first.

    The point is, during my last post in a blog entry is I'm starting to think the MegaMan fanbase is responible for MegaMan's death, but after reciving an email from Protodude after we discussed if MegaMan should be brought by Nintendo and he said that Capcom is not gonna let it happen. That's when his post about Legends 3 inspired me. Legends 3 is really important to you guys. I'm sorry if I sounded harsh about Legends 3.

    But you're right, we shouldn't aim lower. We must do what we can to bring back Legends 3. Even if it sounds impossible, we must do our best as a fanbase to bring back a long forgotten franchise and look towards the future.

    RADIX, if you're getting this, I'm sorry I sounded like a jerk to you about the fanbase.

    Legends never dies, bitches. :D

  22. While cool, it's still a bridge to nowhere with the only support being fans.

  23. @Musashi the Master: You still have to realize that while Legends is still indeed considered a niche cult, us Legends fans have been waiting for the third game for about a decade, and it doesn't help when Legends 2 ended on a cliff-hanger note. You can't just tell them to "move on" that easily. I myself have moved on by now, but I don't expect others to. Yes there are other MM games that could use conclusions of their own, or other things to help fill in the gap. (I myself would still love to have a MM A(xel) series), but the Legends fans have been waiting for far longer, and thus their rallies and complaints are a little more justified than those wanting another Starforce, ZX, or X entry. Although another X entry would be nice, I admit.

    As for Project X Zone. Nobody is really rallying on about it because A) It's very unlikely to be localized and people don't see a point in protesting. B) People think it will be localized for sure, and don't feel the need to protest. Either way, the game is still very likely to be released in Japan. There's really not that much to rally on about it, other than for a localization release or for it to have more MM characters. But also, Namco x Capcom had PLENTY of NPC characters that weren't playable. There could very well be a large cast of MM characters in the game as NPCs for all we know.

  24. Legends fan or not, Legends’ story is still very much a continuation and building upon of the stories that Classic, X, Z, and ZX have set out. A story we’ve followed even though we know the last known human dies.

    Which is a bit like saying the last Metroid died, and then you find a government-sponsored breeding colony, but I digress...

    It very much affects the future of the series. Not just in the context of the story, but in reality, too. The execs are likely working on what to do with Megaman, which is a valid, reasonable statement given the canning of some questionable projects (MML3 shouldn’t have been caught in the crossfire, though), many remarks from "Dragon’s Dogma Will Sell 10 Million"-Capcom about the (lack of) sales potential from Megaman as is, and the ten year remark that is a reasonable timeframe when planning a brand’s or product’s longevity (see: PS3’s 10 year plan).

    Many IP’s have been or are going through reboots to poise themselves for a newer audience and market, for better or for worse. As we approach Megaman’s 25th, it is important for us to realize that Megaman has been through a number of re-envisionings, some of which were not quite successful. We need to be patient and supportive of Capcom without being tools while they work to try and find a gameplay and artstyle that will do well by everyone. Megaman Universe was clearly supposed to have been that, but it did not pan out.

    Being nasty or negative never gave anyone the high-ground, so just continue to be positive toward what you do like and want to see happen. Megaman Legends 3 would have been a nice treat for everyone, and could still be, to help Capcom recoup some costs. The only new thing of any real depth that came out on the 3DS was the recent KH, so I’d still call it viable.

  25. @HyperSonicEXE

    Did Capcom (of Japan) ever unequivocally confirm that Legends takes place in the same timeline as Classic/X/Z/ZX/ZXA?

  26. @HyperSonicEXE
    Well said, HyperSonic.

    Till then, I will focus on other games like The Last Story which will be released next month and maybe Kingdom Hearts 3D. I apologize for insulting the MegaMan fanbase, guess I was angry at the fanbase for acting out of control. I guess they are really mad at Crapcom for canning MegaMan Legends 3.

  27. @Prof. MegaMan: Are you so deluded as to think that a 3 foot model rocket will actually REACH the moon?

    @VixyNyan: Well, that puts them in league with Tron and Roll's efforts, now doesn't it? =P

    Seriously, though, the project was already partially funded by the people who started it. 1k is not their entire budget. They're just asking for an extra push. And with the right level of know-how I'm sure they can avoid blowing up momma's fence.

    @People who think random tributes are worth complaining about: Seriously? And you think the Legends 3 fans have no life? Wow. Remind me to join your crusades against the next resin kit that isn't of a character that I want; maybe some lessons in the ways of douchebaggery will make me a more worthwhile person.

    ...yeah, I don't think so.

  28. @ last Anon:
    Only that it happens thousands of years after...Classic or X.
    I forget where, but I’m pretty sure I could cite that...if I weren’t on a slow phone.

    @ Musashi:
    Thanks. That’s all IMO, anyway. Has some pretty good precedent, though.

  29. Legends takes place in 80XX. It has been confirmed to be apart of the timeline, just far, far into the future.

  30. VixyNyan is a pretty big DASH fan, so if she's saying that this is getting silly, then it must mean something. Then again, I have no blinding loyalty to the series, but I did try and understand what goes through your heads.

    It didn't go well.

  31. @Anon July 21, 2012 1:27 PM

    You're absoulutely right. I was angry at the MegaMan fanbase for acting out of control and saying mean things about them. But I realized that Legends 3 is important to them. Hell, I was a Legends fan myself, but now with Crapcom running things, I'm starting to lose my faith in the MegaMan fanbase.

    But after hearing what Protodude has to say about Legends 3's one year cancelzation and his words of encouragement and keep being MegaMan fans, That faith in the MM fanbase was restored.

    There is a thing call hope. Legends 3 might come back someday, who knows. We have to be patient and walk towards the future. Maybe Capcom will realize what they have done and try to redeem themselves, I know the MegaMan fanbase is mad at them for killing off MegaMan, but we have to deal with it somehow and deal witht he trolls saying it's hopeless. (I'm looking at you, Prof. MegaMan! >:( )

    But HyperSonicEXE and Protodude are right, we need to be paitent and look forward towards MegaMan's 25 annuvasery.

  32. I just fail to see how this does anything but waste money. Capcom is going to look at this and laugh.

    Everyone's all "We want Legends 3!", yet their efforts are falling short, just like that rocket will. Oh...and rocket veteran? Haha.

    I want Legends 3 as much as anyone else, but these "efforts" are just getting pathetic and they're painting a bad picture of our community.

  33. @Musashi the Master: I appreciate your change of views and your encouragement, but I also think you're starting to become a little too hopeful now. If you don't want the possibility of having your hopes crushed again involving the anniversary, I'd suggest lowering your expectations.

    Hype kills things. Not hyping for anything makes me feel more content as a fan.

  34. @Musashi July 21, 2012 1:59 PM:
    Anon 1:27 PM here.

    Well, yeah, they (Capcom) said the 25th anniversary was going to be big, I guess. I admit I haven't been too keen during recent years, but what I'm looking forward to... isn't necessarily DASH3. I would buy DASH3 if it came out, but I don't want to necessarily narrow my view; I'm sick of being told what new Rockman game I apparently want.

    I'd wish simply for an nice new/innovative/bar-raising Rockman game in general, as compared to the same but just as a nice new/innovative/bar-raising Rockman DASH game.

  35. @July 21, 2012 Anon: Trust me, that's not the same VixyNyan as on RPM. If so, her avatar and blogger profile would be shown. I dunno who that other person is.

  36. @VixyNyan: It's not like Legends fans any other recourse. Whether it's for fun or keeping the legend alive, it's never enough for anyone to just look at it and say, "Oh wow, they're pretty dedicated. That's cool, man."

    And that's all the Legends fans want with this publicity: they want people to take notice. It's for attention. Because if more people pay attention, that's more people to come banging on Capcom's door asking for Legends 3.

    They're doing the legwork of promoting this dead game on a shoestring budget. If only for sheer, passionate dedication alone, that's gotta count for something. That's why it frustrates me so much to see it ignored or dismissed. I don't think it's fair that people just dismiss it like you do because it's too silly. I'm the guy who would always say to them, "Hey, guys. Stop dicking around and do something fantastic for the group." And now with the Neo Devroom events and the rocket, they're doing it. But they need more people with more ideas. The least they could get is some recognition.

    Remember: Capcom started this. They allowed it to happen. They cancelled it. Why should anyone expect that to just slide on by? It's bullshit.

  37. Unfortunately, that's how the world works. You can blame our gaming peers for buying into Call of Duty, etc. and getting the western game sales idea drilled into Capcom's head. They truly believe that's the only way to make money now.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they make a Mega Man reboot looking like that Bomberman one on XBox. As far as supporting them, I think I'll save my money for further advancing my can go play with rockets.

  38. @VixyNyan: "I think I'll save my money for further advancing my career..."

    And buying videogames, right?

  39. @RADIX
    Denial is the first step, get over it.

  40. Well my donation isn’t exactly career-changing nor influential in this endeavor, but,

    This model rocket project has hit the $1,000 mark!

    Hopefully the next few months might see some upgrades to the crew or maybe a new goal. I’m content with the project as-is, though, and can’t wait to be there!


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