Tuesday, July 3, 2012

An Update on Reika Morishita's DASH Theme Arrangements

Remember when Reika Morishita announced she was releasing new arrangements of Rockman DASH's theme songs? According to her latest blog post, we ought to be hearing those sometime in the very near future:

"Alright, some news at long last. We’ve arrived at the climax of this whole thing, the mix work. Countless times I’ve received files to check and adjust, but I’m getting a good feeling it’s nearing completion.
Way back when, we’d coop ourselves up in a studio to do mixing, but the times have changed. Now with PCs, there’s no need to gather in a studio, but rather mail what you’ve done back and forth to check. As much as this removes restrictions for us and grants freedom, it also costs time. So there can’t help but be additional lag. The engineer goes to the arranger for checks, then it comes to me for checks. And then I give my feedback. Then adjustments. More checks… Whew, honestly, if we all met together it’d be done in a day, but that’s not how it works.
How much longer will the files keep coming to me? And how much more will I make requests? Of course, many of these demands are on such an incredibly miniscule level, and to the common person, they might think “What did you even change?” But we’ve got ears like bats, and will produce only the finest product. So you see, because we’ve been working with our best effort, it’s taken some time. We hope you understand!
I have a mind to begin making announcements sometime this month. Bear with us!"

The one year, uh, "anniversary" of Legends 3's cancellation is coming up. Perhaps that would be the ideal time to release the arrangements -- a fitting tribute, to say the least.

Hoping to hear more on this subject soon!

Source: The Mega Man Network

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  1. We don't only commemorate and observe happy events in human history, right?

    I think we all agree we dont want the Legends 3 cancellation to be forgotten. So while it's not a happy occassion, the Legends 3 cancellation should still be celebrated as long as we're around, until we can celebrate a Legends 3 release anniversary.


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