Saturday, July 21, 2012

Retailers List Mega Man Megamix Box Set

If you missed the Mega Man Megamix graphic novels the first time around, UDON Entertainment is giving you the chance to grab them all in one fell swoop. According to Urban Collector and AAA Distribution, UDON will publish a box set in October for $34.95.

Here's the solicitation:

"The complete Mega Man Megamix 3-volume series in one set! Join Mega Man as he battles the villainous Dr. Wily and the Robot Masters! Fan favorites like Bass, Proto Man, Roll, Rush, Copy Mega Man, and more all join in on the action, plus you'll get bonus short stories, gag comics, and character profiles. Every Mega-fan MUST read this landmark series!"

No images of the actual set exist currently, so you'll have to make do with a stock photo. I don't know about you, but I'd love it if UDON gave us a fancy slipcase with exclusive artwork. You know, something akin to the Japanese box set.

Source: Urban Collector/AAA Distribution


  1. In b4 complaints that this isn't a game, is just a cash grab, a mere re-release, not LEGENDS3, etc.

    Nice package if you don't already have them, but since I do, I'll pass.

  2. @July 21, 2012 3:08 AM Anon: Well, because you said that, people will complain about this being a mere cash-grab.

    I, for one, like this box set release. Finally, I can ask my aunt to send me this and I wouldn't have to worry if she only sends one volume.

  3. Darn, I already have all three of the volumes. That's what gets to me sometimes. I purchase all of the volumes, and then a boxset or omnibus volume is released. Manga is so expensive nowadays that I usually try to go for the boxsets and omnibuses whenever I can.

    But eh, oh well. At least I have all three volumes, and it's a good thing that Megamix is a short series.

    Though if it does include a little extra, I'll be bothered.

    1. Mega Mix is so dang rare in NYC! I run around at almost the entire city and can't find it other than some Gigamix...

  4. I hope they do the same thing for Gigamix.

  5. The Japanese box artwork looks awesome! I hope they re-use that one when they release these three volumes together. I already have all three volumes, but if they re-release them with that box artwork, I'd buy it just for the box!! Yes, I love the art that much. XD

  6. I hate when they do this. They should at least sell the box separately so people who bought it first can have it too :(

  7. *does best imitation of a BatGlare* You better release a box from those already have the manga Udon!!

  8. Okay guys, I know that I too am also bothered by this since I already have all three volumes, but this is getting pathetic. They're not going to release a separate box without the volumes. That'd be very pointless, and for many people, a waste of money.

    If you want the boxset so badly, then just purchase it when it's out and if you don't want extra volumes, then just auction off your older volumes or whatever. It's no big deal.

  9. @Dr. Jerk: It is a big deal, and why would it be pointless if there's clearly people who would buy it? They did it for Scott Pilgrim, so it's not impossible, just unlikely

  10. Late response but...

    It would be pointless because the majority of people would only want to purchase a manga boxset if it actually contains the damn volumes.

    Keyword: Majority of people. Yes there's people who will purchase separate things to collect, but not every person in the world is like that.

  11. AWESOME! I have being looking for this opportunity along time! I have all Giga Mix and this boxset granted me the chance to get them all, though it will be really awesome if they pack them in the box same as the japaneses box set!


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