Sunday, July 29, 2012

Capcom's Social Trading Card Game Hosts Rockman Event

Capcom Japan have begun distributing Rockman themed cards to Akashic Heroes, a social trading card game exclusive to DeNA's Mobage gaming platform. The cards are entirely free, but there's of course a catch: you have to earn them.

From now until to July 31, Akashic players can participate in a special event called "The invasion of Dr.Wily the Hero God." Details are pretty slim at the moment, but it appears if you manage to successfully defeat Forte and Dr. Wily and earn "100% hero points", you'll be handsomely rewarded with either a Rockman or Roll card. You can add the cards to your deck, then use them in battle against other players and guilds online.

Doubtful most of you reading this can participate in the event; however, that shouldn't stop you from admiring those pictures up there. Spiffy artwork, no? And hey, I don't believe we've seen Roll in pink attire outside of Shigeto Ikehara's work before.

I'll keep you posted should more details arise.

Sources: Akashic Heroes Online, COCOROG (thanks, Amunshen!)


  1. That artwork of Wily and Forte looks awesome too!!

  2. I had no idea this game existed 'til now...

    That's some nice artwork. :) (And I noticed that Roll has a red bow, as well)

  3. We're seeing Rockman in everything but Rockman games. He's become a license, not a valued creation.

  4. "Dr. Wily the Hero God".

    I laughed.

  5. Pink roll was my favourite costume in Tatsunoko vs capcom ultimate all stars!

  6. We're seeing Rockman in everything but Rockman games. He's become a license, not a valued creation

    I second this

  7. Sounds similar to the Card Fighters series, where Mega Man characters made a bunch of cameos. I like the artwork. Kind of reminds me of the Powered Up style. Where's the artwork for Wily and Forte?

    On another note, I'm really getting tired of people pissing and moaning EVERY time there's an announcement.

    Mega Man makes a cameo? "Capcom doesn't value Mega Man!"

    Bandai announces a new figure? "It's nice but I want a new game!"

    Mega Man is featured in a crossover game? "Mega Man isn't important enough for a new game of his own!"

    Some third party licenses the characters for their own game? "Capcom is whoring Mega Man out because they don't want to make a game themselves!"

    Mega Man has ALWAYS been a license. That's why the characters have so many cameos and appear on so much merchandise. Yeah, we get it. You're upset there are no games in the works. No one is happy about it. I can't think of a single person who was glad they were all cancelled. I also can't think of a single fan who wouldn't love to see a new game announced tomorrow. You can quit beating the dead horse now.

    I wish Protodude would start tossing comments that don't have anything to do with the post and only serve to complain about how Capcom has supposedly buried Mega Man and is now pissing on his digital grave to troll the fans.

  8. The event is actually limited from July 24 to July 31.

  9. Wait Protodude, We see Roll in Pink attire in Tatsunoko VS Capcom :D

  10. @kobun37: You sir, are a smoking turd on a stick.

  11. Wily....Hero God?

  12. Would really like to see better images of those cards.

    i wonder what this link says...


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