Sunday, July 15, 2012

Want Sigma and the Ride Armor? Make Some Noise

We saw three wonderful Mega Man X figures from Bandai's Comic-Con booth the other day: Black Zero, Sigma and Vile's Ride Armor. Top-notch stuff, to say the least. I think just about everyone wanted to grab Bandai by the shoulders and shout, "shut up and take my money!" right in their face.

Save for Black Zero, there was no real information posted about these figures. No price, no release date. Just a small window that said "for display only." Curious what this could really mean, Pixel Dan caught up with a Bandai representative. The truth is as follows:

"He explained that as of right now, both items are just prototypes. They are working on licensing for these, so they do hope to actually release them. But for now, they need to hear the fan response on these two items."

The response for both products has been pretty positive thus far. However, Bandai's probably going to need your continued support until Capcom gives them the old A-ok. Thankfully, you've got two great outlets to raise that voice of yours: Bluefin/Tamashii Nations' Facebook and Twitter.

Make your voice heard and you may just one day own a Sigma and Ride Armor of your very own!

Source: Pixel Dan


  1. I'm tired, very tired of having to convince Capcom to make Mega Man stuff.

  2. Dude, read the article. This isn't about convincing Capcom. Capcom doesn't make figures.

  3. It says in the article bandai hasnt obtained the license from capcom yet, there probably hesitant to pay the fees, so capcom is partially to blame

  4. For expecting an exorbitant character fee.

  5. I'd rather have a Sigma D-Arts than a statue, personally

    1. @anon 4

      D-Arts have various stages of prototypes. The statue is one of them. If a figure is produced, it will be based off the statue design.

  6. Maybe Anon works at Bandai and he's saying he's tired of convincing Capcom to lower their licensing fees.

  7. Is there really evidence that they're doing that? Plus, Bluefin Tamashii has been really cool and active about interacting with the fanbase and getting figures out.

    I mean and really, they kind of print money once they're made. They're high-quality, but they are still made in China, probably for a low price. >_> Just saying. The return on the investment is probably pretty high, not to armchair-expert or anything.

    Anyway, can't wait to pick these up once they're out.

  8. Remember the last time Mega Man fans speaking out in mass numbers effected the desired outcome?

    I sure don't.

  9. That's right folks, you keep on finding conspiracies where none exist. *eyeroll*

  10. @Prof. MegaMan
    Speaking out affecting the desired outcome? You mean if enough people spoke out the desired outcome would change?

    For the longest time a lot of Megaman fans didn't care about Megaman Legends. When a lot of people startd speaking out about Legends 3, the desired outcome changed for a lot of people. At first their desired outcome was either No Legends or not caring. But I think many fans changed what they wanted after a lot of people spoke out.

  11. OH I have bought other mega man x figures and these ones look eve better than the sweet ones I already have/

    I would so buy them.

  12. "Save for Black Zero, there was no real information posted about these figures." Does that mean there is additional info on Black Zero? Is it confirmed for release?

  13. ^
    Black Zero did not have "for display only".

  14. @ anon5: Sure hope you're right!

  15. @Rockman

    Fans cried out for the resurrection of Mega Man Legends 3... it didn't happen.

    Fans stuffed the voting for the D-Arts Volnutt Figure, no dice. The runner up (Sigma) will likely get one, though.

    Fans voted for Mega Man X to be added to MvC3: UE... Didn't happen (Ranks 2:Phoenix Wright, 3:Strider Hiryu, 5:Frank West and 6: Vergil made it in, though) and Capcom trolled with a X-style alternate costume for Zero...

    Seems to me that mass Mega Man fan outcry is a great way to ensure that good things DON'T happen.

  16. @Prof. MegaMan

    I know all of that, but you said it didn't affect the desired outcome. The desired outcome is the outcome that people desire. What you are describing is actual outcome.

    PS: Desire means "want" and Actual means "real".

  17. Don't care about Sigma, but the ride armor would be nice. Particularly if they make it so it will fit the other figures like the 90s Ride Armor figure did.

  18. I hope the ride armor gets made because other than the 90s bandai ride armor model kit from x3 there has never been another ride armor made for a x series figure since then, I also hope this new ride armor won't be horribly difficult to find like the 90s ride armor is.

  19. This looks great! I'd love to have some real figures of X and Zero.

  20. These are awesome action figures, even now!


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