Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Check Out a Preview for Mega Man #15

Over at Destructoid, Tony Ponce has posted an exclusive five-page preview for Archie Comic's Mega Man Issue #15 is the second to last entry in the "Spiritus Ex Machina" story arc. As one can imagine, things are really starting to heat up:

"The "Spirit ex Machina" storyline is approaching its climax in #15, as Mega Man, Pharaoh Man, Elec Man, and the original character Quake Woman must disable bombs planted inside the Advanced Robotics Trade Show to prevent the deaths of all the robots in attendance as well as their creators. All the while, they have to avoid harming the human Emerald Spears terrorists behind the whole operation."
Additionally, Tony discusses some of the deeper themes highlited in this issue. I won't spoil his thoughts here, but it's some pretty profound stuff. I, for one, can't wait for this issue to hit! Shouldn't be much longer.

Head on down to Destructoid for the full preview. Thanks for the heads up, Tony!


  1. "Quake Woman" looks more like "Green Biker Woman" to me.

    Why couldn't she be female AND have a thematic design?

  2. I think people have already gone on about this before, there is an extreme lack of female RMs in the classic series, and thus not a lot to work with.

    ...Of course, that would just sound like an excuse, wouldn't it.

  3. @Ribera

    I sort of agree. Her design is okay, but it should have been more in tune to her abilities. I still like it, just could have been better. ^^;

    I still hope she becomes a regular. :D More female characters are okay in my book. ^^

  4. Is it bad that when the preview got to the men's room, I instantly thought of Light's "Now why would anyone bar the bathroom door?" quote from the Ruby-Spears cartoon? <_<

  5. I feel like bomb man should be be involved with taking care of the bombs...


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