Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Black Zero D-Arts, Sigma, Ride Armor Spotted at SDCC (Update 2)

Straight from the San Diego Comic-Con showroom floor...

Sigma is listed "for display only", ditto for the Ride Armor.

UPDATE: According to our good friend BCDirect (who wanders the showroom floor right this moment), the Ride Armor is said to go on sale. Pending further confirmation, however, you probably shouldn't start doing cartwheels just yet.

UPDATE 2: Courtesy of Toy World Order and BCDirect, we've got a some great hi-res photos of Sigma, Black Zero, and the Rider Armor. Check 'em, out after the break!

Stay tuned for more updates...

Sources: Tamashii Nations, Toy World Order


  1. Oh Bluefin, you will have my money; so much of my money.

    But I get another bad guy to fight my Maverick Hunters so I'm okay with that!

  2. Shut up and take my money!

  3. ToyWorldOrder posted on twitter that the ride armor is for sale

  4. So they bucked the popular vote (Volnutt) and chose Sigma instead. Really nice.

  5. OMG, Sigma....never had a figurine of Sigma D:
    it's awesome ^^

    I need it! 8D

  6. @July 11, 2012 7:58 PM Anon: Full set> Incomplete set to appease the masses.

    Besides, I'd rather wait for them to finish X(which they probably have now unless they do Axl and Iris), then do a Legends series.

    Plus what I look at the 'popular' vote, I only get the vibe that it's to send a message to Capcom....

  7. I guess it'll be another 20 years before a Black Ace or Red Joker figure is ever done, huh...

  8. Most of the people who voted for Sigma have every intention of buying him.

    I don't know if I can say the same for Volnutt.

    Besides, they should finish the X line before they move on to another one.

  9. @July 11, 2012 8:31 PM Anon: I had every intention of acquiring Trigger. :(

    I really, really hope they're just going to finish the X series before moving on to Legends or something. Sigma potentially getting a figure is great, but you'd have to wonder what the point of having that poll was...

  10. A Sigma figure?! All this time I was thinking Volnutt was going to get a figure but... this is actually a pleasant surprise! I was personally of the opinion that a Volnutt figure wouldn't be as cool if it's just Volnutt and a bunch of X characters, so I'm glad they went with Sigma.

  11. I bet that ride armor is going to be a web exclusive or something even worse D:

  12. To the two "Anon"s who commented on "intent to buy".

    You know what? F*@#! off. And I'm sorry if that's tactless, but I am sick and goddamn tired of the baseless speculation of "Legends popularity is illegitimate and/or does not equal revenue because its Legends and people only feel like complaining." I paid 80 frikkin' dollars for a custom built Teisel Bonne figure TWO AND A HALF MONTHS AGO THAT HAS YET TO ARRIVE; you think I wouldn't gladly pay 50-ish for a professionally made Trigger?

    I'm glad Sigma got made, and ditto for Ride Armor and Black Zero. They're all badass and all worthy addition to any Mega Man collection. But stop trying to justify the level of gall it takes to kick the clear popular demand directly in the teeth. It gets old.

  13. @Hypershell

    Well said.

  14. It sucks that they decided not to make Volnutt. Oh well, on the bright side, I get to keep my money :)

  15. Wow, those figures are pretty damn cool. Sigma is pretty bad ass. I bet Black Armor Zero is a Comic Con exclusive. :(

  16. I won't disagree that legends is popular considering I want Legends 3 myself. But after seeing all the comments on this blog saying stuff like "who cares about figures we want more games" It doesn't really give a good impression that people will BUY the figure. The speculation as I see it is that people only want the figure to show how popular the series is but not enough people will buy it.

  17. Holy melted cheese!!Do want it all!!

  18. Display only? That's a bummer... =/

    I guess maybe they'll make Volnutt afterall. Which I guess is cool and all, but I have to wonder whether or not they'd intend on doing any other Legends characters.

    And dammit, I really want that Sigma...

  19. Sigma and Black Zero are tagteaming my wallet! Argh!

    I'm holding for Ultimate Armor X.

    ...that said, I should get Black Zero if I decide to do that.

  20. @Hypershell
    I agree with what you said there.

    I've been looking forward to the official close of the poll that would "determine" which figure would be made next. I was looking forward to having an official Legends figure myself and I believe that the series needs more love than it deserves.

  21. *Actually meant more love than it gets.

  22. Oh my... that Zero's hair is silvery...

    that's not just any Black Zero... it's the fake Zero from X2 =D

  23. I'm surprised nobody seems to have noticed this... but that's not "Black Armor Zero". That's Sigma's Zero copy from X2. The red gem on the helmet and gray hair are the 2 biggest giveaways.

    Black Armor Zero has a blue gem on his helmet, gold hair, and gold on his boots.

  24. @Hypershell

    Yup! Your very right!
    And I also paid for and have the custom Teisel Bonne figure from Score, though I didn't pay what you paid, mine was cheaper. I think you got his second re-release. But I have everything else from Score. Well worth it!
    But I wouldn't say the D-Arts are from professionals, given the fact they each differently have loose joints and paint errors, while ACTUAL professionals wouldn't make or leave these stupid errors.
    But i'd also pay for a D-Arts Volnutt, as a fan of the Megaman series and fan of Legends too.

  25. Glad Sigma got the figure.

    Legends popularity is illegitimate and/or does not equal revenue because it's Legends and people only feel like complaining.

  26. I really hope they do the right thing and put that Sigma figure into production! I would gladly purchase one. Such detail put into that mold.

    However, in response to an anon above, of course these figures are going to potentially have loose joints and have subtle paint errors. They're most likely produced by machine and probably put together by one as well. Taking that into account...they are pretty amazing. All of the D-Arts line is. Bandai/Bluefin/Tamashii, whoever are indeed professionals lol.

    Although I have to say, pretty sure "Display Only" means it'll be a statue, as in, no articulation. With the way that Sigma figure looks, that's fine with me.

    @Last Anon
    Please don't troll. Even though Volnutt has had two official figures in the past, as well as Score's custom mold, I would openly welcome an official, definitive figure.

    Everyone, I'm sure they'll get to Legends once they're done with all the X characters they plan to produce.

  27. @Amir

    Considering how unpopular the MegaMan Star Force series is, I say never.

    Even though I liked the Star Force series, it was deemed unpopular by MegaMan fans for some reason like they say it's a BN clone and everyone was sick of Battle Network. And let's not forget that BN/Star Force crossover game that ruined Battle Network's reputation.

    So hate to break it to you Amir since I loved to rub it in your face, but chances of Star Force figures are really really slim...

  28. Well, there's a definate point in the fact that Bandai/Tamashii Nations/Bluefin only currently have rights to the X series for figures. Classic and Zero are Koto kits, EXE/RnR tend to get tangled up in animation rights; who knows on the legal rights for ZX/Legends.

    There's also the fact that right now, starting a new, unpredictable line in the series (that doesn't have toy sales to estimate against) could very well kill the line off. Let's just wait and see how sales wrack up before we start adding new pieces into the line.

    Either way, I'm excited to see what comes of this line and hope the fans are excited about it to; it's nice to have Rockman stuff to talk about instead of just wishful thinking!

  29. As much as that Sigma figure is pretty neat, I was royally spoiled by the MADHANDS Sigma head ( so it's hard to hold this new one in the same regard. Ride armor looks interesting.

  30. Funny to note is that the Black Zero on display is the clone from Megaman X2.

  31. Sigma will be a figure.

    All D-Arts early prototypes show the display only label and a lot of them started of as statues before being jointed. Sigma's figure will be coming and will most likely be based off that statue.

  32. @Musashi:

    It's hilarious how the only times you ever comment on this blog anymore is to respond to comments that Amir makes and basically try and attack him for it.

    Even when his comment is practically the same as anyone else on here's opinion, you brand him as this "Capcom lover and traitor to Megaman" for literally anything he says. Especially if he has some kind of positive comment to say about a fighting game coming out or something similar.
    You need to get it through your head that just because there isn't many Megaman games out anymore, doesn't mean that fans have to boycott and bash EVERYTHING that Capcom creates or publishes that isn't Megaman.

    I would hate to see how whiny you'd have been back when Sonic was in it's major slump of garbage after garbage during 2004-2008. Or how there's absolutely no XenoSaga games coming out, ever, because sales were shit and the games were subpar at best.

    Wanna go with personal attacks at people for their likes and dislikes, for no reason? I can play that game, too, Musashi. :3c

  33. Not gonna deny, though, I'd definitely get an X2 Black Zero if I could find one for a good price.

    I remember having the old giant sized JayWarez Black/Nightmare Zero from back in the day, and I actually liked that figure until it eventually broke. (It's weight made it hard to keep it standing for a while, and fell off my dresser one too many times...)

  34. @AngelicLove

    Nice try, Amir. I know it's you. You created another alternate account, huh?

  35. Let's be honest here. The reason Volnutt got the most votes is because the irate Legends fans stuffed the ballots.

    Sigma WOULD be the next logical choice, if only to complete the core Mega Man X1 character line. I mean, robot masters are an impossibility no matter what Japanese line you're talking about. So this is technically complete.

    Really, what would be the point of a Volnutt figure? What figures could Bandai make to compliment it? Roll & Tron? Definitely not their style.

    These fans have to stop mourning Legends 3 and stop trying to troll in on what little offerings the real Mega Man fans are getting these days.

  36. I just sent an e-mail to both Bandai and Tamashii Nations, asking if they'd include extra parts so that when you buy the new black-toned Zero, you have both the alternate-toned, white-trimmed parts for X2 Copy Zero, and the regular-toned, faded gold-trimmed ultimate armor or Black Zero.

    That'll cut down on the returns and production costs of two entire lines for them, and increase the value for us.

  37. @Prof. MegaMan: Read Hypershell's comment.

    And who says Trigger would be included in the main line? What if he got his own special release or something?

  38. @Prof.Megaman

    Well... technically yeah, Legend fans basically did stuff the ballots because they wanted something Legends related since no Legends 3. I also said so many times that Sigma, Vile, Iris, or Alia would best for the current line. Having a D-Arts Volnutt would open up and create a new line, which I wouldn't mind, I like all Megaman series!
    And honestly you shouldn't rank those Legends fans as not true Megaman fans. A true Megaman fan likes all the series, classic, X series, Zero series, ZX, ZX-Advent, Legends, NT, and SF. Theyre all different... but still the blue bomber.

  39. @AngelicLove

    Nice try, Amir. I know it's you...

    And here's a probelm with me being a whiney bitch. I'm not whiney.

    Xenosaga has 3 games and they decided to end it at 3 which gave the series a satiffying conclusion and who cares about sales, I think the Xenosaga series sold well and Xenoblade Chronicles may be the successor to the Xenosaga series.

    You attacking me, that's typical coming from a guy who poses as girls, lies and murders people...

  40. What's that behind Sigma in the pictures?

  41. Looks like the Final Sigma from X1.

  42. No news of the Comic Version Zero shown before?

  43. I am convulsing with joy. First the rider, then the Sigma Virus, then the corrupted zero and then......hopefully......THE UPGRADE CHAMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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