Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Project X Zone Trailer Boasts X and Zero Gameplay

It's ten minutes long and it's all action. Mega Man X and Zero get some great screen time -- lots of explosions and such -- and you can even spot quiet a few familiar Mega Man-related foes. I tell ya, this won't make that whole "no localization" thing any easier. Watch at your own discretion!

Thanks for the tip, Krystian!


  1. Can't say I'm excited, or would be terribly affected if this doesn't get localized.

    Sure it's nice to see some X and Zero action again, but seeing the trailer, and maybe some gameplay videos later, seem to be enough for me. That gameplay, and that "all-stars" kind of setup just doesn't do it for me, it's getting kid of old. I don't need to see Ryu in every game ever.

    It has nothing that would get me excited to play it, like an actual Megaman X game would.

  2. NARUTO’S SEIYUU!!!! WOOOOOOH!!! XD The dude at 2:40 has Naruto’s seiyuu!!! XD

    Also can someone tell me who the girl at 3:23 is? She’s familiar but I can’t put my tongue on it….

    GOD I love the artwork of X and Zero. So… X4-ish, and I love it. GAWD. And those seiyuus! Awesome job. MAN.

    Jin and Xiaoyu’s moveset looks beast!

    Still no Sonic?

    And could the date 20XX mean that there’s a significant amount of Mega Man presence in the game and story?

    Btw, no animated scenes for X and Zero? Booo.

    And I’m sorry if this comment looks random. I was typing down what I felt while watching.

    And now my final thought: This game looks AMAZING. MAN. I want localization, dangit. Unfortunately, Tornano Man is probably right. Still, we mustn’t give up hope! XD

  3. @ZeroX

    They're from Sakura Wars/Sakura Taisen.

  4. ...Yeah, this game ain't coming to the US.

  5. 10.11 as in the 10th day of the 11th month or the other way around? I can never tell with Japan.

  6. It feels like a joke the fact this is a game for a console like the 3ds and not for the nds. The hype to see bigheaded X and Zero isn´t enough, geez I pass.

  7. Seeing Space Harrier AND MegaMan in the same screen around 7:32 is maximum hype for me. I'm not optimistic that this will come to the US but.. now I do hope it will, more than I did before.

  8. let's just prepare for the worst and hope for the best, it looks interesting.

  9. @kotipeltox: You do realise the amount of stuff that will be inside this game would be too much for a regular DS cartridge? And I have a feeling the graphical assets may be too much as well.

    Afterall, if it does have as much as Namco x Capcom and then some, a DS def can't handle it all.

  10. Two questions...

    Why isn't Sonic in this? Is it the fact that the 3DS could not contain the awesomeness of Megaman X/Sonic/KOS-MOS crossing over for robo-armageddeon?

    Second, why is Bruce Willis in this?

  11. I agree with Nicolas Rivera. Seems like the game is entirely meant for fan service which, unlike MvC3, isn't really catered towards people who actually enjoy deep gameplay.

    The most I'll probably do is youtube the nice eye candy stuff, but SRPGs aren't my cup of tea.


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